A Free Downloadable Guide to Setting Up Your Own Blog

It’s September! Are you shocked? I am.

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Apparently, the end of August didn’t tip me off. It never does, I tell you. 

I’m here to tell you today how much I love blogging. I love it. Love. Love. Most of my current professional life, in fact, in some way started with the blog I started back in 2006 that took off in ways I never expected.

Here’s the thing: I think you should start a blog. It doesn’t matter if you’re a busy executive, a small business owner, a freelance designer, a river guide, or a massage therapist. You’ve got something to say, that others want to hear, and blogging can help you develop that voice, and ultimately develop your brand.

Blogging is cheap (free, on some platforms), fun, and smart.

I want you to think about it.

Whether you’re already sold, or are still mulling it over, you should go download my (FREE) PDF guide to starting your own blog. The guide is about getting up a self-hosted WordPress site, and using Bluehost (the only guys I recommend after such bad experiences with everyone else. Yes, I’m an affiliate.) We’ll get the guide up on Kindle soon, for those of you who love you a non-backlight reader;)

The guide will walk you through the steps to get one up in 9 (maybe 8) minutes of getting up your own WordPress blog. Or less! Screenshots included so it ain’t hard.

If you want more free tips on blogging, go here to sign up. I’ll send you tips, and I’ll keep you posted on a project I’m working on to better help walk you through the process of getting up a blog that’ll help transform your business.


The Question: Do you have a blog? If so, post your link below. I’d love to check it out. Seriously. 


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11 thoughts on “A Free Downloadable Guide to Setting Up Your Own Blog

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I really want to take my blog to the next level because I find a certain kind of peace in helping others especially black women who are embracing their natural hair. My blog is callmekinky.wordpress.com. I can not wait to add more content when I travel to Israel this Spring.

  2. I’ve always been an avid writer, I’ve got 3 WordPress blogs, and 6 Tumblr blogs, however the problem for me is keeping on track and not letting the blog descend into chaotic random posts with little or no direction. This is why I have 9 blogs… and also why none of them are updated very often and have no followers!

    I’ve recently started to keep a more stable blog, focusing more on my musings about life:


  3. Hi there. I’ve just recently started a blog on my brand new website. I often have great blog ideas midday when I am physically too swamped to write them down. Any tips on remembering those great blog ideas that seem to get lost in the daily shuffle? shadowgal.ca

  4. Claire downloaded your guide and it was good. I think that there are many things new folks coming online need to know. Problem is, by the time most of them get online they will be so far behind the 8 ball that it will be literally impossible for them to catch up at all. I feel sorry for all those who choose to boycott technology. Gonna get a rude awakening….very rude.

  5. Hi Claire, I downloaded you guide and it’s awesome. Thank you. I always like taking inspiration from people like yourself who actually love what they do rather than online ‘drones’ that push and shove their way to success (I’m sure you’ve had to do that a little – don’t we all). But it’s refreshing nevertheless.

    Thanks for the psot,

    Charlie 🙂

  6. I have a blog (with my husband). It’s quite niche in one sense (we run a scuba school in Cape Town, South Africa), but very broad in others (we write about anything interesting to do with the ocean). I’ve found your posts on blogging very helpful, thank you. And I love to read so I appreciate your book lists!

  7. I have a blog Claire…it’s a free WordPress one that I started almost a year ago when I moved to France. Every post teaches me more about myself, blogging, photography…I’m forever glad I started it, even if it’s just read by me and my mum it’s still worthwhile! Thanks for your inspiring posts.

  8. I do have a blog, and I would love to get your feedback about it. I know that it needs work, and as it has worked out, I’ve basically taken this year off from it.

  9. Hey Claire,

    I’ve actually got three. My main one is at http://www.joseph-chavez.com. All three are up on Blogger. That one is my “Cup of Joe” blog which also supports my YouTube vlogs.

    I have one that is Christian-based as well: mayheincrease.blogspot.com. I also have one that focuses on my family’s genealogy: chavezperalta.blogspot.com.

    I was on selfhosted WordPress for May He Increase but I found it too limiting (and I needed to save on the costs) so I went back to blogger. I love that i can created whatever I want on the fly for free. It’s wonderful.