Favorite Things

This is a list of my favorite living things.

In no particular order.

  1. Rooibos Tea
  2. Jeopardy
  3. Sylvia Plath
  4. Cheddar Cheese
  5. House Hunters International
  6. Limes
  7. Cardigan Sweaters
  8. Boots (tall, preferably)
  9. Christmas
  10. Gelato
  11. Excel Spreadsheets
  12. Mexican Food
  13. Berries
  14. Scarves
  15. F. Scott Fitzgerald
  16. Books About (the nightmare of) Colonialism in East Africa
  17. Ballet Flats
  18. My Black Poncho
  19. Moleskine (s)
  20. Amish Quilts
  21. Kombucha
  22. Sauvignon Blanc
  23. Clean Desks
  24. Lulu Lemon Pants
  25. My Bed
  26. Belkin Backpacks
  27. Fresh Coconut
  28. Samsonite
  29. Chai Tea (Decaffeinated)
  30. Hot Chocolate (Dark)
  31. Gardens
  32. Bic Pens (Extra Fine)
  33. Travel
  34. The Real Housewives
  35. My Husband   At your advice, I have deleted my husband from this list. Because, well, it’s weird to have your husband at #35 next to Good Earth Tea, but it’s equally lame (read: not interesting) to be at #1, even though that’s where he belongs.
  36. Good Earth Tea
  37. Jasmine
  38. My Macbook Air
  39. Candles
  40. People who take pictures so I don’t have to
  41. Babies
  42. Dark Chocolate
  43. People who make playlists so I don’t have to
  44. French
  45. People with calming voices
  46. Massage
  47. White space
  48. Post Secret
  49. Brie
  50. Aromatherapy
  51. Self-Help Books
  52. Soup
  53. The Soup (On E!)
  54. Books
  55. Ebooks
  56. White Noise Machines
  57. Crossword Puzzles (Monday and Tuesday of the NYT Crosswords, preferred)
  58. Eye Masks
  59. Cider
  60. Thunderstorms

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6 thoughts on “Favorite Things

  1. It’s a good thing not everybody has the same favorite list. I like cider (your #59), but it wouldn’t be on a favorite list. But dark chocolate (#42) would be on both. Bic pens (extra fine) (#32) would be high on mine (yes, I’m aware that you said your is unordered, so the number is no indication of how high it is on yours, so I’m just using it for reference in case you don’t remember exactly what you put). They used to make an Accountant Fine Point, my favorite, but switched to the Extra Fine.
    You left something off your list that clearly belongs there: Lists!

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