Everything You Want to Know About #StopKony

Ready for a gross understatement?

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#StopKONY has taken the Internets by storm.

If you want to learn more about the intricacies of the #stopKONY viral campaign and the charged debate that surrounds it, I’ve compiled some resources below. I’ve tried to present a balanced view, and have used some fancy third party resources to make said balanced views look more purty.

Here’s to being informed.


The Hashtags that Trended

On launch day (March 5, 2012), Invisible Children reports that at one time they had 7 of the top ten trending topics, with trends like #StopKONY, #KONY2012, #invisible, #uganda, etc.

Here’s some info on arguably the most popular one: #stopKONY

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So, what do YOU think about #StopKONY?

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