What the Most Successful People Do at Work

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Laura Vanderkam has done it again. Vanderkam, author of books like 168 Hours: You Have More Time than You Think, has become a feature in my email inbox ever since I read ones of her books for the first time […]

Where Do You Have Excess?

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We all excess in our lives, and yesterday a smart man made me remember this fact. This week, I had another amazing time at Catalyst, a great leadership conference that takes place a few times a year in various cities. […]

This Week in the World (Links)

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This week, I breathed the California air. (And had a lovely, inspiring time at Catalyst West.) I finished some books, including My Life in France, which I loved. Chronicling the Julia Child early years, it made me obsessed with her, […]

It’s Time to Be a Catalyst Leader

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  Are you a leader? Want to be? Listen up. Some of you may be familiar with Catalyst. A massive, massive(ly) successful leadership conference that happens a handful of times every year. It’s been going on for 14 years, and […]

This Week in the World (Links)

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This week, I flew on some planes. I ate a lot of chicken. I read a wonderful book, Give me the World, about Leila Hadley, a New York socialite-cum-travel writer who wrote a book about her year in the world […]

Why I Don’t Read (Many) Novels

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I read a lot. This week I finished my 63rd book of 2013, meaning I’m well on my way accomplishing my 150-book annual goal by New Year’s Eve. That said, I don’t read a lot of novels. Last year, I […]

50 Ways to Say No

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I’m learning to say no. Heck, anyone who’s word of the year is REST better start getting better at it, right? In attempts to practice my NO muscle, I pulled together a list of 50 ways to go about saying […]

This Week in the World (Links)

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This week, I watched Lincoln. A good movie, if long. I drank Kombucha, which I love, but realized how important it is that it is cold. Ice cold. I read some more books, and particularly liked Four Kitchens: My Life […]

What I Will Say to My Daughter About Endings

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“It’s not over. It’s beginning.” At least this is what I will tell her when she sighs about something ending. The kindergarten school-year, say, coming to a close. “But it’s all so over…” She will moan. Small hand in mine. Walking […]

What Happens When You Don’t Rest

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I’m back, with another post on rest. (It is my word of the year, after all.) I have been talking a lot lately about the effects of not resting, and what it means to not give your body the important […]