What’s Your Morning Routine?

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Lately I’ve become increasingly obsessed with a cool little website called MyMorningRoutine.com. Given the cryptic name, you likely have no idea what it’s about. Luckily, I’m here to inform. buy klonopin no prescriptionNewsflash: It’s all about different people’s morning routines! buy alprazolam onlineIt comes out at least once a week and manages to completely enthrall […]

Want Something? Ask for it.

Want something?

If you really want something, you’ve got to ask for it. At least that’s what Emily told me. Six years ago, I met Emily Balistieri, (aka @tiger), back when Twitter was a tiny company of fifty and we had both started work. Emily was there, doing fun stuff, and we hung out at work for a couple […]

The One Kind of Meeting that Always Works

The One Kind of Meeting

Let’s be clear: I hate meetings. Hate them with a passion. Want to get a whole lot of nothing done? Invite a dozen people, give them an unclear goal, no agenda, and 60 minutes to have at it. Better yet, do it on a conference call. Rinse, and repeat. That said, there is one kind […]

Why I Can’t Lean In Without My Husband

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When my mother was in business school, there were five women in her graduating class. (Two of whom she still works with.) When I went to business school, women made up a bit more than 30% of the class. That’s progress. My mother, who has spent her career in finance, has always provided a wonderful […]

On Being a Digital Humanitarian

This is a guest post from Patrick Meier, a digital humanitarian I met years ago through his amazing work. He has a powerful story I’m excited to share. Read more about him below;) # When my wife went missing after a devastating earthquake struck Port-au-Prince on January 12, 2010, I immediately turned to Twitter. She was […]

How to Find Work Life Balance As an Accomplished Depressive {Guest Post}

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This guest post comes in via Molly Dunn, a pal from business school who is rocking the world. Importantly, Molly is rocking the world despite a diagnosis of clinical depression, and shares about the journey at her blog DepressionWhoNeedsIt. Although depression isn’t something I have suffered with, I am a huge believe in mental health […]

Three Ways to Move More, and Relax Better

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I’ve learned an immense amount about relaxation from my eight-month old baby, @lucia. And it’s not because Lucia is very good at relaxing. In fact, Lucia is absolutely terrible at relaxing. In her growing brain and body, she has two gears: Off, and Full Throttle. If you’ve hung out with a baby before, you’ve likely […]

Are You Always Looking for More?

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Are you Always Looking for More? Recently, someone recommended a book to me called The Soul of Money. I read it, liked it and found myself listening to its sequel via audiobook. (I say sequel, but I’m not entirely sure if that’s accurate – in any case, it’s another small book written by the same […]