When Is the Right Time of Day to Work?

Last week I told you the story of my try-hard-do-little day at the coffee shop, attempting to churn out some of my monthly writing and failing miserably. Despite the fact that I am generally a fast writer, and someone who can put pen to paper with particular speed, that day I did nothing of the […]

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Why You Need to Work At the Right Time of Day

I’m extremely efficient with my writing. It’s true. I am. Friends laugh that I write books in a weekend. I’m not that good, but I’m close. I can knock out amazing amounts of content in short bursts. I don’t exactly know why this is, but I like it. (Don’t worry, I’m terribly slow at other […]

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My Goals for 2015

  As mentioned, every year I do a few things at the end of one year and the start of the new one. I review the year behind me. I set annual goals for the year ahead. And I choose a word of the year. (For more on why you need one, see this post explaining the concept.) […]


How I’m Going to #BanBusy in 2015

  This week, I announced my word of the year. And it’s not a word at all. It’s a hashtag. #BanBusy Heh? Here’s the deal: I’m a digital gal. I live in a digital world, and walk in a world wide open to the interwebs. I instagram stalk people I barely know to my heart’s content. I live-tweeted […]



Happy Saturday! I couldn’t think of what to call this post, so I called it #thisweek. Feedback is welcome on creating a non-sucky title. Here’s what I have to say: This week, I won the world by traveling for 24 hours internationally by myself with a 23-pound 8-month-old (97% percentile, yo!). For 17 of those hours, […]

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