Happy Saturday! I couldn’t think of what to call this post, so I called it #thisweek. Feedback is welcome on creating a non-sucky title. Here’s what I have to say: This week, I won the world by traveling for 24 hours internationally by myself with a 23-pound 8-month-old (97% percentile, yo!). For 17 of those hours, […]

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How to Make 2015 Not Suck #goals

As part of my morning quiet time, I’ve been reading a book on goal-setting from Danielle Laporte. So far, I’m loving it. This morning, in the book, Danielle suggested that the entire month of December should be wiped off the map in terms of work. In other words, no one should work in December. I laughed. And then I […]

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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

As I write this, I’m in the first hour of a 17-hour plane ride. (Yes). In reality, this is just the first of a number of long-haul flights I have this week. (9 days; 4 continents). It’s a doozy, and it hasn’t been a trip I’ve been particularly looking forward to. That said, I’ve done […]

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Where I’ve Been…

This is the post where I tell you where I’ve been. Because it’s been a long six months of me not really blogging. A long six months of me not doing much online, and a long six months of me being extremely thankful for that fact. In no particular order (although I bet you can […]

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