This Week in the World (Links)

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This week, I watched Lincoln. A good movie, if long. I drank Kombucha, which I love, but realized how important it is that it is cold. Ice cold. I read some more books, and particularly liked Four Kitchens: My Life […]

What I Will Say to My Daughter About Endings

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“It’s not over. It’s beginning.” At least this is what I will tell her when she sighs about something ending. The kindergarten school-year, say, coming to a close. “But it’s all so over…” She will moan. Small hand in mine. Walking […]

What Happens When You Don’t Rest

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I’m back, with another post on rest. (It is my word of the year, after all.) I have been talking a lot lately about the effects of not resting, and what it means to not give your body the important […]

How to Waste Time Well

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image by Jose Diaz Ortiz I’m not always good at wasting time. When I don’t try, I can be found some Saturdays lying on a couch somewhere watching a delightfully nonsensical reality television program as the hours tick by into […]

Is Your Goal Right for You?

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I set goals each year, and although I don’t type them all out for readers (to both not bore you to tears, and to keep some privacy), I do share some of those goals (like the number of books I […]

What Night Owls and Morning People Can Teach Each Other

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Last week, I wrote a post over at my LinkedIn blog that went viral. Entitled, Why You Should Try to Be A Morning Person, it told you — well — why you should try to be a morning person. (The […]

Five Keys to (My) Perfect Workspace

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Last month I was part of a great series over in the LinkedIn influencer blogs (yes, I have a blog over there) about the perfect workspace. Called, Where 50 Influencers Work, the piece focuses on images of workspaces (like mine, […]

My Word in Action: To Rest or Work?

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image by kawamura My word of the year is REST, and I’m trying hard to remember this at times. It doesn’t come naturally, and I find myself fighting my word more often than I find myself settling into it. Rest, […]

What I Learned by Trying the Paleo Diet

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Last month, I did a long-planned thirty day experiment on the Paleo diet (also known as the “Whole 30″ diet) – meaning I eliminated all grains, dairy, sugar and legumes from my diet for one month in order to cleanse […]

Why I’m Not Going to South by Southwest

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For the tenth time in the past week, I had a conversation tonight about why I’m not going to South by Southwest this year. South by Southwest, of course, being one of the biggest conferences around, and the biggest if […]