Why I Use Google Chrome

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When I told my husband he’s the one that convinced me to finally use Google Chrome as my search engine of choice, I lied. In reality, it was Delta. For over a year, my husband had been telling me that […]

Why I Read My Spam

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I am a big advocate that you should scan through your spam folder in Gmail (or whatever email program you use) every month (if you use Gmail, it is probably automatically erasing your spam every 30 days). I recently did […]

How to Increase Your Google Page Rank (Rule #1: Don’t Talk About Increasing Your Google Page Rank)

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The first rule of Increasing Your Google Page Rank is Not to Talk About Increasing Your Google Page Rank. Let me back up. I have a lot of websites I dabble on/manage/own/open to grin at. I have a passive life […]