Why Blogger Agents Will Change the Future of Blogging: How Danielle Wiley of Sway Group Has Turned Blogging on Its Head

The Old Blogger Agent In the old days, bloggers only heard the never-uttered word “agent” in conjunction with the less-than-never uttered phrase “book deal”. Ah, the coveted blogging book deal. These days, when bloggers talk about book deals as the next holy grail, I laugh inside. First off, getting book deals is hard. The Pioneer […]

What Weiner Should Have Done: The Nascent World of Twitter Addictions

At this point, we all know the sad Weiner saga. Thus, it was no surprise to read the CNN News Alert this morning letting me know that “embattled” Democratic New York Rep. Anthony Weiner will officially resign his seat in the House of Representatives. In a shocking (for no one) turn of events, his two-week […]

What Is Referral Key? (My Referral Key Review. Free Steak Aplenty)

Referral Key is one weird force to be reckoned with. Three times in the past week I have received email invitations from someone in my address book that state, “If you’re taking on new clients, I’d like to include you in my private referral network to send you business leads through Referral Key.” All three […]

Spammy Emails Are Bad Business: Lessons to My Amazon Kindle

I’m used to spam. For example, I win at least three million dollars from non-English speakers seeking minor processing fees nearly every week. I have excellent access to cheap growth enhancing products for several areas of my family’s bodies. I am well versed in the use of 24 point font littered with unruly exclamation marks. […]

Why Your Pitch Sucks (and how to fix it)…

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about pitches. The pitches I get, the pitches I send, and the sad world that is people-wanting-things-from-people-and-not-knowing-how-to-ask. To start, let me say that no discussion of pitch failures would be complete without a shout-out to this amazing video the Mashable folks posted. Entitled, “Hardly Working: Start Up Guys“, I […]

How to Make a Viral Video (and how not to…)

When the indomitable Sammy sent me his latest video masterpiece this week, I laughed. Hard. On the surface, “ghostbusters music video” (capital letters lacking) has all the trappings of pure, adolescent boy dancing genius. Terrible, unsynchronized moves? Check. Plentiful, size 24 italicized font at awkward moments? Check. Eighties throwback theme to make us all feel […]