The Women Who Change Honduras: My Trip with ONE

Last month I had the pleasure to serve as one of three delegates on a trip to Honduras hosted by ONE — the grassroots advocacy campaign cofounded by Bono. It was ONE’s first trip to Latin America (and first outside Africa). Alongside the other delegates, actresses America Ferrera and Alexis Bledel, I had a wonderful […]

Haiti, Cholera, and Twitter — A Small Step in Disaster Management via Twitter

Although we launched this integration a couple weeks ago, I realize I’ve been remiss to post about it here! This is definitely one of the more inspiring projects I’ve worked on lately, and I’m eager to create such partnerships with other international mobile carriers to provide disaster management support via Twitter in the future. When […]

Zuckerberg’s $100 Million Gift — It’s not *just* a donation

This morning I was excited to read on Mashable (right before meeting many of the Mashable folk at a Twitter philanthropic event — but more on that later) that Mark Zuckerberg’s gift is much more than a $100 million donation to the New Jersey public schools. Instead — he’s making the grant in efforts to […]