Why Email Isn’t Work. (And Why It Is.)

It’s an age-old question. And one even our forefathers puzzled over. Are those emails you spend hours writing each day really work, or are they a horrific distraction from the real work you need to get done? Here are two perspectives. Amazingly, I believe both. No, Emailing is Not Work This theory goes like this: […]

How Goals Can Help You Define Success

Interested in setting annual goals? Every December, Michael Hyatt opens up his popular course, Best Year Ever. I highly recommend it. Watch three FREE videos from him about goal-setting here. It’s no secret that I love me some productivity hacks. So last year, I was all smiles when I stumbled upon a wonderful productivity resource: the […]

50 Ways to Say No

I’m learning to say no. Heck, anyone who’s word of the year is REST better start getting better at it, right? In attempts to practice my NO muscle, I pulled together a list of 50 ways to go about saying the dirty word. The important part about NO? It should be: truthful, firm, and not […]

How to Waste Time Well

I’m not always good at wasting time. When I don’t try, I can be found some Saturdays lying on a couch somewhere watching a delightfully nonsensical reality television program as the hours tick by into night. Although this works on occasion to provide true relaxation (as I’ve talked about when defending my love for reality […]