Social Media Pet Peeve #2: Over-Sharing

Ah, the case of over-sharing. On social media, it (sometimes) appears that over-sharing seems to be certain people’s #1 favorite idiotic thing to do. In this social media pet peeve video #2, I share about why over-sharing is so: unnecessary, annoying, and not smart.   Want more social media pet peeves? #1 (Over-asking for retweets) […]

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The ONE Documentary on Honduras is Here

Some of you know that last month I had the pleasure to serve as a delegate on a trip to Honduras with ONE, the grassroots advocacy campaign co-founded by Bono some years back. The trip was a chance to see the work of ONE’s partner organizations especially as it relates to women and girls in […]

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Social Media Pet Peeve: People Who Constantly Ask for Retweets {Video}

I’ve got pet peeves, and I’m going to start telling you about them. In this first video of an upcoming video series on – what else – social media pet peeves, I’m sharing about one of my hands-down, feet-up least favorite of all social media pet peeves: people who constantly ask you to retweet their […]

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How to Create Your New Twitter Profile in Three Easy Steps

This week brought a bunch of changes on Twitter, and the most commented on change of all is the new functionality to create a more awesome Twitter profile page. Specifically, you can now upload a header image alongside your handy avatar. The way your bio is displayed is also cooler, too. After much debate on […]

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Which Background Image Should I Use for My New Twitter Profile Page?

The news of the new Twitter profile pages broke this morning, and it’s been a fun day of trying to decide which image to use for my Twitter profile page over @claire. I’ve got a few potentials, but, as usual, suffer from being a wee bit indecisive. Which do you like best? 1. Qatar, and […]

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