Useful Twitter Links

As part of my once-a-month email blitz wherein I blast through emails while slurping large amounts of decaffeinated mochas (a luxury, for moi) to reduce my respective inboxes down to below 100, I found some tidbits of useful gold. Here’s a list of useful Twitter webpages that can help you do everything from file a […]

The Top Ten Social Media Marketing Mistakes (Podcast #7)

Did you remember I have a podcast? Here’s episode 6, and it’s all about social media marketing. Specifically I’ll be telling you the top ten social media marketing mistakes I see individuals, brands and organizations making every day. Hopefully you’re not making them — and if you are, stop. Now. This podcast is based on […]

I Didn’t Email You Back Because I Wanted to Personally Offend You (and other assumptions we make about digital communication)

This week, more than two strangers sent me emails outlining their apparently deep personal offense at the fact that I had not yet responded to their emails to me asking for things they want. The emails were much more dramatic versions of the following: “This is my second email in one week to you. Frankly, […]

5 Reasons to Sign Up for the Twitter for Good Unconference

  I’m hosting an unconference all about how to best excel on Twitter. Based on the content of my book, Twitter for Good, the unconference will go in depth to tell you exactly how to best use Twitter to to build your movement. If you’re not new to these parts, you’ve heard me tell you about […]

Don’t Talk About Other People’s Profile Pictures (Social Media Pet Peeve #9)

This week’s social media pet peeve is all about talking about other people’s profile pictures. Don’t do it. Why? It’s simple. Anyone who puts up a profile picture onto a social media site puts up that specific profile picture because they think it is good, and they they think it is a good representation of […]