Useful Twitter Links

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As part of my once-a-month email blitz wherein I blast through emails while slurping large amounts of decaffeinated mochas (a luxury, for moi) to reduce my respective inboxes down to below 100, I found some tidbits of useful gold. Here’s […]

The Top Ten Social Media Marketing Mistakes (Podcast #7)

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Did you remember I have a podcast? Here’s episode 6, and it’s all about social media marketing. Specifically I’ll be telling you the top ten social media marketing mistakes I see individuals, brands and organizations making every day. Hopefully you’re […]

I Didn’t Email You Back Because I Wanted to Personally Offend You (and other assumptions we make about digital communication)

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This week, more than two strangers sent me emails outlining their apparently deep personal offense at the fact that I had not yet responded to their emails to me asking for things they want. The emails were much more dramatic […]

How (Not) to Do A Google Plus Hangout


And the technology gods have struck again. Today, I had the fine task in front of me of presenting some work stuff for a small group via a Google Plus hangout. I do not have the best history with Google Plus, […]

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto


  So I wrote a manifesto. And it’s all about the rules of being social in life and work. How, why, when, and where.   Want a free copy?   Enter your email address below to download the PDF. (Or, buy […]

Why I Use Google Chrome

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When I told my husband he’s the one that convinced me to finally use Google Chrome as my search engine of choice, I lied. In reality, it was Delta. For over a year, my husband had been telling me that […]

Why I Declared (Twitter) Bankruptcy

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This is an article about declaring bankruptcy on Twitter. Not the other kind. Act accordingly. Five years ago, the maximum number of starred emails I allowed in my Gmail inbox was 100. Over time, that has creeped up. And up. […]

Are You Still Talking About Yourself? (Social Media Pet Peeve #10)

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In the first ten of my social media pet peeve videos, I’ve managed to talk about why you shouldn’t talk too much about yourself a full three times. So it must be an important one. Here’s installment there of why […]

5 Reasons to Sign Up for the Twitter for Good Unconference

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  I’m hosting an unconference all about how to best excel on Twitter. Based on the content of my book, Twitter for Good, the unconference will go in depth to tell you exactly how to best use Twitter to to build […]

Don’t Talk About Other People’s Profile Pictures (Social Media Pet Peeve #9)

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This week’s social media pet peeve is all about talking about other people’s profile pictures. Don’t do it. Why? It’s simple. Anyone who puts up a profile picture onto a social media site puts up that specific profile picture because […]