Ten Things Not to Do On Twitter

My pal Jeff has just reopened his wildly popular online writing and platform building class for a few days. If you’re interested in learning more about it, see the recording of our free online workshop. When you do, you’ll also get a copy of Jeff’s book;) My friends Tripp and Tyler are funny with a capital […]

I Went to Kenya to Climb a Mountain…

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about Twitter for Good, a book I wrote about using Twitter well. When I wrote that book I also launched an online video course alongside it. But things change, and it’s time for that course to sunset (at least for 2013). If you’re interested, you’ve got two days to get it here. But […]

Stop Yelling At People On Twitter (Social Media Pet Peeve #8)

I’ve been doing a series of social media pet peeve videos, and today here’s another installment, this time urging you to stop yelling at people on Twitter. By yelling, of course, I mean sniping, snarking, and engaging in destructive online arguments with for all to see. Have you done that before? Well, stop. Here’s why.

Why Smart People Prefer Twitter

There’s been a lot written about the use of Twitter for writers, and for folks who think in words. As others have said before me, Twitter helps you distill your ideas, refine your thinking, and polish what you want to say into less. If you used to think in words, now you may think in Tweets. […]

How to Create Your New Twitter Profile in Three Easy Steps

This week brought a bunch of changes on Twitter, and the most commented on change of all is the new functionality to create a more awesome Twitter profile page. Specifically, you can now upload a header image alongside your handy avatar. The way your bio is displayed is also cooler, too. After much debate on […]

Useful Twitter Links

As part of my once-a-month email blitz wherein I blast through emails while slurping large amounts of decaffeinated mochas (a luxury, for moi) to reduce my respective inboxes down to below 100, I found some tidbits of useful gold. Here’s a list of useful Twitter webpages that can help you do everything from file a […]