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16 thoughts on “Download Your Free Chapter

  1. Wow.
    OK, for the record, it’s not just a free chapter, it was the Foreword by Biz Stone, the Founder of Twitter, and the Preface, and the Introduction, and the first chapter.
    Back when the Egyptian revolt occurred the world heard that it was texting and social messaging that carried the message of popular uprising and unrest, but I didn’t know that Twitter was the vehicle.
    Anyway, I want to commend you on a stellar career, and a brilliant business model for educating the rest of us in the use of Twitter, not only for business, but for “good” as well.

  2. OK. I am a fan of your easy, breezy reminders. I know they are autoresponders, but your creative way of reminding me to go ahead and read the free stuff might actually work. Thanks.
    I promise to read at least one thing this weekend.

  3. Sorry, but I do not do Twitter. I really have enjoyed reading your blogs, linkedin artilces, and concept of the Present Principles. Thank you for the free material.
    Peace and Blessings.

  4. I’ve just got my head around sending and receiving text messages.
    I don’t understand Twitter, or the difference between Twitter and Text. Would like to learn.
    Any suggestions?

  5. Very impressed to read few words in your mind, I would like to enrich my self with your thoughts.


  6. I just sent a note about not having access to the promised free download, but I neglected to give my name. From, Sara Malstrom

    • You’ll need to confirm your email address. Then it’s the first email you receive from me that looks like this below:

      (The download link is right there.)

      “Hey You.
      I’m Claire Diaz-Ortiz.

      (@claire, for short.)

      The reason I’m in your inbox is because you brought me here. Or, because something is awry on the interwebs.

      I hope you remember why I’m in your inbox, because these things always go much more smoothly when that’s the case.

      Did you subscribe to my blog, perhaps?

      Did you see me speaking about social media and the Twitters?

      Did you sign up for one of my free downloads? (If so — here ya’ go!)

      A free copy of my manifesto, How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto
      A free chapter of my book, Twitter for Good
      A free copy of my ebook, The Present Principle

      However you ended up here, Hey You!

      (with love)

  7. Did I misunderstand? I subscribed to the Claire newsletter. I’m looking forward to rreceiving it. But what happened to my free download of the Present book?

  8. I am in the music publishing business, and I have just started a new division of my company dealing with songwriter development. I am seeking to help beginning songwriters on their songwriting path. Having already perused your site, I am positive I will find information for myself, as well as for the songwriters I am going to help educate. Thank You!


  9. I will read your book.
    My little start-up Hart Digital Stories is my way of using emerging technologies to help families stay in touch with their roots.
    Imagine an old tintype of your great-grandparents that could talk to you, tell stories about their life… perhaps their hopes for you…before you even exist.
    Maya Angelou said something like this, an untold story is lost forever.
    I remember the stories told me of the Great Depression. I do not think enough people heard their family’s story.

    Thanks for being engaged and caring about the future.

    Ray Hart