Is Your Email Inbox Out of Control? A Free Five-Day Challenge!

When you think of your email inbox, does your heart fill with all the warm and fuzzies? Or do you break out in an allergic reaction not fit for public consumption?

If you need some help in mastering your unruly inbox, I’m running a 5-day challenge to TameYour Email Inbox once and for all. This challenge will help you rethink what your email inboxis really for, come up with a solid plan of how to use it best, and start you on the path to #winning email.

Sign up here. 

Email can be a deep, dark hole of ugly. It can also be a pleasant place to get work done and connect with people you like. Which of those options sounds better?


We’ll kick off on Monday, February 27 and run for five days. Each day, I’ll be sharing a mini-assignment — one thing you can do to start taking control of your email inbox. Each of the five actions is a small yet powerful step in the right direction. Layering all five of them on top of each other, you’ll be taking huge strides towards mastering your inbox, once and for all. 

It’s free as free things, and I’m psyched to get started.

If hell is your email inbox, this might be the challenge for you.


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