Five Keys to (My) Perfect Workspace

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Last month I was part of a great series over in the LinkedIn influencer blogs (yes, I have a blog over there) about the perfect workspace. Called, Where 50 Influencers Work, the piece focuses on images of workspaces (like mine, above) and then asks folks to share about their image. Why it makes a great working space, why it works for them, and how and why they wish it would be different in the future.

My desk (above) is not an image, sadly, of my everyday desk.

Rather, it’s an image of an incredible desk I had ownership of for a long weekend over New Year’s. The image above was taken just moments before I did my annual goal review for 2012, and goal planning for 2013. This is the best desk I have ever had the chance to work at, and it got me thinking immensely about what a good workspace really is for me, and how I can take small strides to create it. Here’s what I came up with.

5 Keys of My Perfect Workspace

1. Quiet. As an introvert, I need quiet to get anything done.

2. A Door. Us introverts (see above) aren’t good with open-office floor plans, and doors are needed to keep that peace we so desire.

3. A Comfy Chair. I’m not good typing at normal desks, and often find myself on couches, beds, or floors — where the position of my laptop on my lap is preferable. The best scenario for me would be a wide, comfy chair (to serve as that perfect bed or couch) to type in.

4. An Inspiring Color, Image, or Object. Inspiration can come from anywhere. Gretchen Rubin painted the walls of her office with flowers to find it. Although I’m not sure what would be most inspiring for me, I need to find out. Stat.

5. A Strong Connection. Any office I need will need lightning-fast wifi, and nothing less.

So what about you? What do you need in a perfect office or workspace?

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8 thoughts on “Five Keys to (My) Perfect Workspace

  1. Lots of room to spread out, windows to let sun in or watch the rain, inspirational messages and bright flowers (I have fake ones that look real).

  2. Claire,
    What advice do you have for introverts working in an open office floor plan? I just started a new job and being an introvert is in my DNA. My new office plan is completely open – we are all situated on a trade floor.

    I am excited about my job responibilties, but I am not sure what the best ways to manage the office floor setting are.


  3. Hi Claire, Thanks for sharing! I just realized today that I am an introvert like you. Everything you enumerated is exactly what I want.

  4. Wow, Claire — I know this isn’t exactly the point of your post but I would not have guessed you as an introvert. I am as well — and LOVE LOVE LOVE having a little space/privacy to think. I also thrive with the occasional afternoon 10 minute power nap (not really supported by my current workplace) and would give my eye teeth to not have to take the occasional on-the-floor-of-the-office (or worse) snooze. Thank you for sharing this; it is thought provoking.

  5. It’s a tough call; my perfect workspace can be a few different things. There are times that all I need is some headphones and my cubicle at work can be great (at the right time of day). Others, it’s sitting on the back deck in the summertime with laptop, coffee, and morning sun.

    What tends to make the workspace lately, though, isn’t space in the definition of room, but space meaning distance from the office. There are days where I’m better served coming into town at 930AM for a noon meeting, just to grab a few hours at a coffee shop where I can take time to get through a few tasks that just need time to spread out in my mind The office, even sometimes at home, can’t always provide that.

  6. Perfect timing here, too. My wife and I share a workspace, and we’re in the process of overhauling and decluttering our current space. We need minimalistic desks, comfortable chairs, bright lighting, effective storage, etc.

  7. Perfect timing.
    Yesterday I just began making plans to build in bedrooms for two of our daughters. Moving them downstairs will allow them greater privacy, space and freedom as they move into the teen years. It will also open up their current room so that I can finally have an office! I simply cannot wait to have a creative space to work in!
    Thanks for posting. You helped me keep planning.

  8. Gosh your desk is beautiful. I definitely need dedicated workspace. At the office I’m doomed to a sterile gray cubicle, but at home I’d like to have a place that encourages creativity and productivity.

    Right now I’m perched on one end of the dining room table w/ a laptop and a cup of coffee.