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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m a book junkie. I read 200 books a year, and not because someone is holding a gun to my head;)

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As a result, I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to get free books.

A few of my favorite stand-bys:

  • Sign up for Kindle Daily Deals, an email newsletter from Amazon.
  • Use your library (I have library cards at three of my local libraries, which means I can check out digital or audiobooks from three locales).
  • Sign up for, and then also sign and get their Daily Deals.
  • Follow ereadergirl, a website that curates some daily free and super cheap deals on Kindle, Nook, and PDF.

In the past two weeks, though, I’ve been thrilled to discover a new resource. Not sure how I first found out about it (someone tweeted, likely?), but I’m in love. And if you’re always looking for free and crazy discounted books like I am, you will be to.

What am I in love with?

BookBub. It’s a daily newsletter of great ebook (Kindle, Nook, etc.) deals delivered to your inbox. When you sign up (it’s a free newsletter of course), you mark what genres of book deals you’re interested in, and then they target those in your email each day. I’ve been getting it now for about a week and have already taken advantage of about four deals so far — all either free, $.99, or $1.99 (some are $2.99 that I’ve seen). Honestly my only complaint is I wish there were more deals coming to me each day, but I guess that’s not their fault, and is rather just the nature of how many deals are out there each day.

In any case, if you’re on the hunt for free electronic books, get thee to their sign up page.

Finally, remember that I have a free newsletter of good ebooks that I find free or very cheap that I send out to subscribers once a week or so.

If you want to sign up for that, go here.

Where do you go to find free or discounted ebooks? Let me know, and I’ll smile wide. 

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5 thoughts on “Get Great Free Ebooks with BookBub

  1. Thanks so much for this info

    Alas, none of the BookBub links worked for me either in firefox or IE.

    Have a great weekend!
    Fellow bookworm, Lorraine

  2. My local library has a subscription with Overdrive software, you can download e-books or audiobooks. Available in any format (not just web) – Here’s the list:
    Android +
    Apple iOS +
    Kindle Fire +
    Kindle eReaders +
    Nook Tablets +
    Nook eReaders +
    Windows Phone/Surface
    Here’s the current language list
    World Languages

  3. hi Claire
    Many subscriptions have a restriction that the books are free only to US Citizens but I have subscribed to and have “bought” some books (some free, and others really, really cheap) through this site & had them delivered to my kindle in Australia with no problems. The deals are sent through to your email daily and like Bookbub, you choose the genres…Sometimes there seems to be trend with the genre that is free, but it’s worth checking out each day to find something that is interesting & very affordable.

  4. Claire, I DREAM of reading 200 books a year! I’m not there yet though. But you’re right, availability of free books is a great enabler for those of us with a big book habit. Since getting my first Kindle this Christmas I have been blown away by the number of free books on offer. I signed up to every free newsletter going and now have more than I can read in several lifetimes (no bad thing!) so have been unsubscribing to avoid further temptation and procrastination. I do miss all my daily emails of free books, but I know I can always go back…
    Some of the sites I was using were:
    It’s much harder to get hold of good, free non fiction books though, so if anyone has any pointers there would be very interested!

  5. I’m really liking Noisetrade Books ( It’s still a very new site so the selection of books is smallish but growing. The books are free in exchange for signing up for the author’s newsletter. Usually the books are in pdf format, some of the time they’re in kindle and epub formats.

    Some authors worth checking out at Noisetrade Books are Tullian Tchividjian, Jeff Goins, Kate Hurley,
    Guy Kawasaki and Bryan Allain.