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We spend a lot of time in this space chatting about productivity and how to work well. I thought I’d start something new here, shift gears a little bit, and have some fun.

A lot of you want to know what I’m reading online. Some things make me think. Some things make me shudder. And other things I’m just finding cool or helpful.  Every once in awhile, you’ll get the things that make me laugh rolling on the floor with ugly tears.  

I thought I’d collect them in one place and send them off to you to scroll through as you have time. You know, when you’re not working.  🙂

Things that are making me think:

Things that are making me shudder:


  • This article about why Marissa May works 130 hours a week. I’m still in shock and disgust.

Things that are cool or helpful:

  • This September, my friend is hosting a FREE 12-day summit with over 60 speakers on the topic of building a powerful email list for your online or offline business. Whether you’re a brand-new entrepreneur or a long-time online business owner, you’ll find tons of great ideas and actionable info from world-class entrepreneurs and email marketing experts. Check out the free 2016 List Building Playbook Navid put together in advance of the Summit here.

Happy weekend, friends!

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