Hope Runs: Why I Want You to Make a 2011 Donation

Lately, this Season of Giving has me feeling it’s a season of asking. It seems like
Thanks to the 12 Days of Giving challenge I got to kick off, Craig Newmark’s How Will You Change the World in 2012 fun, and the upcoming Twitter for Good Unconference (which benefits Hope Runs) you’ve been hearing quite a bit about my little non-profit organization lately.
And, now, I present one more itty bitty post about it.
The last one for 2011. I promise.
As we count down the hours to the New Year, we’re also counting down the hours before you can reap the tax deduction joy of donation to a non-profit organization in the 2011 fiscal year. And what better non-profit to donate to than HopeRuns?
Purple-clad Edwin’s absurd face in the bottom of this shot is indicative of most — if not all — of his overly expressive adorableness.
The Top Three Reasons to Give to Hope Runs Today: 
  • Hope Runs continues to focus on the Tumaini and Huruma Children’s Homes in Nyeri, Kenya, ensuring that each dollar goes directly to our cause with no money lost to overhead. We support vocational training, scholarship, and running programs within these homes, and they are thriving!
  • The Hope Runs scholars have had their best performance ever in 2011–grades are rising for these university students, and 3 of our children are entering internships that prepare them for jobs this winter.
  • We’ll get you receipts for your 2011 taxes, and you’ll give a Kenyan kid a chance to get to school!
What We’re Fundraising For Right Now:
  • 9 Tumaini Children’s Home graduates have continued on to university through our Hope Runs Scholarship program. We’ve already had 2 graduates of the program, both of whom have found jobs in Kenya’s difficult economy, so we’re hoping to keep the tradition going as 2 more graduate this spring! Help us support their tuition.
  • 27 seniors in high school are benefiting from the computer and business training Hope Runs provides to help prepare them for life after the orphanage
  • 113 kids enjoying the continuing running program at Tumaini Children’s Home in Nyeri, Kenya. We’re fundraising to send them to a district race to compete this spring
Got any questions about our programming? Drop me a line at clairediazortiz(at)gmail.com.
To donate, head yonder: http://www.hoperuns.org/donate/
Claire, Lara, Cute Kiddos, and Hope Runs;)

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