How to Make a Tea Commercial

So I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I do not believe this is how you make a tea commercial.

First, watch:



Now, listen.

This video comes from my dear friend @amalia, who emailed me this marketing nugget of gold. That provoked a scintillating double-digit long long chain, which I have condensed below.

@amalia: “This is a really weird commercial.”

@claired: “Where did you find this?”

@amalia: “Ad on Yahoo.” (Yes, she still uses yahoo. And no, don’t get me started.)

@claired: “I mean the whole time I’m like I DONT GET IT IS SHE ROWING IN TEA? Until the end and she drinks. Uh. Huh?”

@amalia: “Its like drink tea and you’ll stop being depressed.”

@claired: “Because rowing in a boat is depressing?”

Hats off to tea. And boats. And depression.

If you have been able to decipher the message in this (a message beyond “I will keep watching this ad if only to see what it is about”), pray tell.

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14 thoughts on “How to Make a Tea Commercial

  1. The answer is in the tagline. “Gets you back to you.” Tea provides a different experience for everyone and not everyone enjoys tea, but for me after a long rough day of work, I just want to go home and enjoy a nice cup of tea in the comfort of my own peaceful home. Bring myself back to the real me. 😉 This commercial was obviously not intended to overly brand their product but to someone like me, connect to our experience of drinking tea. It’s a metaphor. Sophisticated European advertisement unlike the in your face American brand product brand beauty shot spoon fed commercials.

  2. It is sort of a Life of Pi story. Very pretty and great music and tea is a drink that will get you through alot, even water, but does the commercial make you want to have a cuppa?

  3. Well, my take on it is that the real you is stranded on a desert island and Twinings tea helps you get across the divide to get you back to your real self…although I’m not quite sure how it works because she drank the tea at the end rather than the beginning! Oh, I don’t know, but I love the song. This is a nice version but still love The Calling’s version :0)

  4. Forget the tea…it’s about the journey…find yourself! Once you do…you’ve earned the tea, coffee, beer, or the island…anyways…I love the music (Wherever you will go by Charlene Soraia) and the ad itself (thank you Twinings…awesome)…and making a post for the first time…thank you Claire!

  5. Life is hard — with setbacks. Sometimes you need to be transported. Taking a break with tea will transport you away from your troubles.

    I think the close-up of the foot in the water was to evoke the sensory reminder of what it feels like to step into soothing island water on soft sand (which is a nice feeling).

    Will it make me buy Twinings tes? Not really. But I get the metaphor. I’m just not convinced it works.

  6. Obviously she’ll go to the ends of the earth to get her caffeine fix. Although I don’t understand why she finds herself and then hugs herself. Maybe she’s hallucinating until she gets her drug?

    Although I knew what it was about (because you mentioned it was about tea), it still captured my attention because I wanted to see the tie-in to the product. I’m sure I would have had the same reaction if I didn’t know what it was about — which is huh?

  7. So after a rough day facing different obstacles a cup of tea helps you recover? Not sure where the fish, the footstep into the water and the other cutaways mean, but I’m someone can come up with something.