How to Increase Your Google Page Rank (Rule #1: Don’t Talk About Increasing Your Google Page Rank)

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The first rule of Increasing Your Google Page Rank is Not to Talk About Increasing Your Google Page Rank.

Let me back up.

I have a lot of websites I dabble on/manage/own/open to grin at. I have a passive life goal to increase my google page rank on such sites. Alas, I do absolutely nothing to reach such goal. In fact, I actually do active things to disrupt this goal, like linking to dumb articles and other internet nonsense.

Even so, on rare occasion I’ll be looking at one of my websites and I’ll realize that my Google Page Rank has…(wait for it)…INCREASED!

This provokes an immediate happy dance, the likes of which I will not replicate for anyone, ever.

Shortly after said happy dance, my levels of serotonin return to their normal base and I become accustomed to my new page rank for that particular website, feeling I thoroughly and completely deserve it, it is my birth-order-determined RIGHT and I should have had it for years.

Then, the Google Page Rank gods have at me again. A day might have passed, or maybe a month, or maybe even a year. But surely, without warning, the Google Page Rank gods rip the new page rank away from me in a way not unlike taking off bandaids from open wounds that have not yet scarred. These rips — each and every one – damage a piece of me. Not to mention my websites, whose newly lowered page ranks reflect the scars.

Why am I talking about this?

If you haven’t deduced from my cryptic hints, the Google Page Rank gods have struck again in my life. Although there were some minor let-downs in the process (one site I have went from a 4 to a 3 — sad day) the biggest boon (read: GOOD THING!) has occurred here at, where the page rank gods have upped my rank to…(wait for it)…a 6!



Six is good, folks. I swear. Six is like the level where important people who say they don’t care about google page rank sit, busy with their not caring since 1999. Six is the level where your blog content is truly dynamo. With a six, I’ve undoubtedly got incredible things to say.

No, really.

For proof, see some of my life changing past blog posts, including How to Make a Tea Commercial (a fundamental skill for anyone in this day and age) and Lessons from the Breakfast Buffet (which is not just a list of things I ate that day, but rather a post with deep, hidden, as-of-yet-unrevealed meaning).

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259 thoughts on “How to Increase Your Google Page Rank (Rule #1: Don’t Talk About Increasing Your Google Page Rank)

  1. Thank you, Claire, for sharing your thoughts with online community. It looks like your post was created in 2011? Any new thoughts/ideas about the value of PR?

  2. Hi Claire nice write up about pagerank. Mine is still 0 but yet i still recieve enough business to keep me going. I would love to see how it would work if i got mine up to and 6 like yours πŸ™‚ Ged

  3. I guess that you broke the first rule because your website just dropped to PR4. Sure, you knew that and you probably can’t do nothing about it, but even if you could. What would be the point of that? I know that PR is pretty irrelevant these days, right?

  4. Yes, it’s a great feeling when you see your pagerank going up. Non the less you have to make sure you have quality site with good content. Of course no one will link to you if your site is trash.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you! It really depends on how active the links are that point to your site. It could take anywhere from 2 minutes to eternity!

  5. Really useful post about PR. If PR is still low, using Google Plus and its share feature,active in social networking to get backlinks may help blog appear in organic search result.

  6. A great article about increase page rank. For those who have not get the desired page rank, can try to make use of Google Plus and sharing blog post feature, in addition to submitting to several websites and social networking.

  7. Interresting… however your PR is back to 4 as per today. I can’t imagine how sad you’d be.
    4 still looks like an impossible dream for me.

  8. My blog just turn one year last november, and it wasn’t me who notice that from n/a my blog ranked 0… My husband told me babe this is good, at least you know you are getting there, and hopefully someday this 0 could turn into 4 or 5. I rather focus on my blogging, than this number, that way if in the near future changes would be a surprise for me.

  9. Claire…Well….I happened to read about the Google’s Page ranking algorithm…The more links we have to other websites, the more rank we loose. The more they have to mine, the more I gain…right?

  10. Thats so true. When you try so hard to rank on google you see its so tough. On the other hand when you focus on your content and make it even more quality content your google page tank will go high no matter what happens.

    We should remember Google page ranks is not our concern our concern is quality targeted traffic. As long as we are getting it who cares about page rank.

    So guys plz focus on your content more then your page rank.


    Regards CEO

  11. I’m starting to think this: Act like the companies that get top rankings and top page rank, do the kinds of things they do or… don’t screw around with page rank – it’s a waste of time. If you want to sell lots just used paid marketing. Chasing google is like chasing the air – and it can waste life.

  12. Hi Claire,

    I think you have done fantastic to get a PR6 even though people on here are saying you have dropped to PR4. HELLO GUYS. Even a PR 4 is great in my eyes so please keep up the good work. I will keep checking your blog for some fab tips to help our site


    Julie x

  13. Hi Claire,
    My homepage used to be a 3… maybe two years ago, but it’s been a 2 for a long while now. I keep hoping I’ll check one day and it will magically increase, but so far, no luck. Now, I’m trying to increase my presence on YouTube – it’s what, the third most popular site on the web? SEEEMS like a good place to start!

  14. I have to say I find this whole page rank thing a complete mystery we currently have a page rank of 1 which I suppose is better than the 0 we had until recently, however our site gets alot of organic traffic daily so maybe it doesn’t really matter……

  15. That I highest rank that I have managed to achieve is PR2 and that was about 7 years ago.. Google sure have changed since then, it seems that it’s really hard to get a rank nowadays, as SEO techniques sure have changed since then. Thanks for this article, my new websites isn’t that old yet, I was led here researching on how to catch up and this article is an eye opener.

  16. Honestly, the whole thing is quite bizarre. I operate a website about Greece as a hobby ( – only in German, sorry) and have just recently done an update to increase breadth from covering 5 greek islands to 45. Was a lot of work, has community features, etc.

    Now, Google gives me a bit of long tail traffic – which is the strategy for the page anyway – and i have done totally no link building for the past 3 years. Even more radical, Google Adwords has banned my site completely and I am not allowed to put any ads for it at all. The Pagerank is just a mere 1 as well, which I am keen on improving now.

    Why do i tell you all this? It does not matter! Whatever anybody writes claiming to have understand how it all works, I simply would not believe. In my case, I have quite a few Page 1 (and even Top1) ranks for certain keywords on pages that have just 150 words or less, were never really SEO optimized and have NEVER been updated for 2 years! Still my traffic doubles YoY without me doing anything – I am also not getting any new backlinks. The whole thing is a big mystery with so many variables probably even Google Engineers are unable to figure out.

    I have since done a good deal of SEO optimization and yet have to see any real benefit from it – will keep you posted on that one. So in essence I totally agree, keep on posting for the fun of it, write in your own style and your ranks will improve. Don’t bother figuring out how that actually works.

    • That’s an interesting post, with a title of “How to…” and with an ending of “don’t bother figuring out…”. Actually quite profound. Like life itself – How shall I do a suceessful life? Answer: You do a successful life by not worrying about if the life is success or not. Have fun is the key. Okay I’ll stop searching and just keep having fun!

    • Have you got any answer to your question? Sounds like no-one knows for sure how pagerank get increased. I’ve seen page with very high traffic (10,000 / day) or pages with lots of back links, but still have low page rank (<2) … and I've also seen pages with few traffic, or few back-links or even low alexa # and get a 4+ pagerank

  17. So many people still using google, I can’t belive it. To base ranking entirely on popularity (like Google) is insane, it’s the death of art and all ‘non-mainstream’ stuff. I would say to you all, don’t worry so much about google ranking, google is not god almighty on the internet. And besides, if you’re not ranked high enough, you can always shut down your machine and smell the flowers instead.

  18. Great post Claire, keep up the great work and you will be doing your happy dance again . I have searched everywhere to find out information about the changing of Google page rank but cannot? Do you perhaps know when the next Google page rank from Google will be updated. Btw you are very beautiful. Keep up the great work Claire.

  19. My site is getting good alexa rank but its been long time while i could not get any google page rank. I dont know what to do to get good one.

  20. You have posted a nice post! However, I’m trying to improve my website’s google pagerank since quite long but its stuck on PR2. I have been able to improve my Alexa rank though. Can you suggest some tips to improve google pagerank too for my website?

  21. Hey thanks for the article. What I don’t understand is why Google is so secretive about the formula they use to determine page rank. I would have thought it would be in their best interests to make it public and have as many websites as possible adhere to its rules. Wouldn’t that make their job easier?

    Something I recently discovered was the rel=nofollow thing (I’m a website owner newbie). My outgoing links to other websites always had this set, but what I didn’t account for was my banner ads which I include on every article on my site. Just had to go through over 200 pages and fix these.

  22. Google seems to be reasonably fair with PR scores compared with some other search engines I’ve come up against. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the odd rise/fall of a point. As long as you are regularly updating your site/blog, producing original, quality content and staying away from black hat techniques, your site should grow over time as Google learns to trust it. One of my sites (a large blog with multiple contributors) got up to PR4 in about a year, but it is now PR3 because it hasn’t been updated at all for about a year. Google notices how frequently you update your site and rewards fresh, unique copy. In contrast, my new site (online English teaching services) has gone from nothing to PR2 in about a year thanks to regular updates and some work via social nets. My advice would be: be patient and keep writing good stuff. You will be rewarded.

  23. You didn’t actually say anywhere how to increase page rank-the title of the post and the reason folks would click through from Google. Dissapointing.

  24. Hi Claire,
    It is nice to read about your experienced with Google PR! , i am too happy to get my website PR – 3 in around 1and half month. It is easy to increase only you have to follow some good guidelines of SEO techniques . Thanks

  25. Congratulations! I have spent around 1 month on my website. I brought my “Page speed insights” to 99%. I also brought alexa rank to 250,000 . Everything is legal on my website and it is running from last 3 years. But still my PR is 0, have no idea how to proceed.

    • Google is now a lot of changes, and quite difficult to be able to manage a high PR blog, even that has been able to PR 5 to 7 can also get PR 0 dropped dramatically after they were struggling hard to let PR blog has not decreased, the important thing we have to be optimistic in managing a blog to be in love Google, Greetings and I also thank you for the info on this blog that really helped me

  26. Somehow without trying too hard I had a page rank of 4 since 2009, but inexplicably, it fell to a Page rank of 2 a while back, oh well πŸ™‚ I was thinking it may have something to do with so many people deciding to go online with a phone rather than a PC, I used to get a LOT of visitors to my flash musical instruments to play online etc.

  27. I have a website that gets above 300 visitors per day from google, but I don’t have pagerank for my website, I would like it if my website had a pagerank but I can still manage to get visitors for my website and also earn some money without any ads. Few things I do to get visitors for my website is, I choose my title carefully. I try to post my article on my facebook and then I just link with my youtube videos, that way google see that my site is active, and also I don’t run ads because google like sites that just wants to provide information, so who ever wants to advertise at my site I tell them write and article about your business than just advertising it.

  28. I’m beginning to think there isn’t any sure fire way to increase your page rank except giving it time and just sticking at it. There’s websites in my niche that haven’t been updated in years yet have a higher page rank and I can’t figure out why either. I’m hoping maybe in a few years il be high enough to outrank them lol. God fml.


  29. I have currently entered the world of comment addition. I too have suffered from the Gods for many years. Matt Cutts and crew at google, there must be a better and more humane way to roll the dice on what is a good website and that which is bad. Why cant we all just rank based on the number of hrs we have put into out SEO? πŸ˜‰ Thanks Claire, I feel a little less alone as a result of your article.

  30. Page Rank is a fun number to track and it absolutely makes you feel good when it increases, but it’s frustrating when you keep creating great content and smart backlinks, but it goes down. I think I just gave up on caring about it at all a long time ago.

  31. Thanks for the great post and congrats on PR6..but I still seem to be missing the answer…is it still just to ‘not talk about it’ as you say in the title? πŸ™‚

  32. First of all I would like to congratulate for the PAGE RANK 6. My page rank is N/A and I am waiting eagerly for the next update. I heard that if we have copied contents in our site then we will not find success in page rank. I have re written the entire contents and waiting for better ranks. If no success then I will be really disappointed. Can anyone explain is that really matter.

  33. Page rank seems to be the equivalent today of what advertising used to do for a business. It would be nice if there were some concrete way of knowing how what to do… or even if it could be ascertained whether paid back-links are considered acceptable. Still trying to figure it out…

  34. Page rank is good, but I think we all want to write content for real people. So let`s just try to forget about search crawlers and page ranks.
    If the content and people who reads the content are real, unique, and they like and come back to rad more, your goal is achieved.

  35. I don’t talk about pagerank .I’m blogging regularly trying to keep my site as much as w3c compatible add new content. But stiil for 2 years my pagerank keeps on 2. Can you give me idea how to raise it to at least 3? Adding to free webdirectories and everything I’ve red so far didn’t help …

    • I’ve been blogging professionally (meaning, I take it very seriously and make some money at it) for well over seven years. My current blog has been up and running for 4 years. I just recently reached a pagerank-5. I have done nothing but focus on building up good content with a fair to midland knowledge of SEO.

      I’m not up before the sun rises or when it is long down, burning the midnight oil trying to figure it all out. I am convinced that success at blogging is like success in anything else. It’s a long, committed, faithful slog. Day in and day out, you keep writing, posting, learning, and staying at it.

      I plan to blog for the long haul. So, it might be another 4 years before I see pagerank 6 or 7. But, that’s okay. I will have done something that is not very fashionable these days……worked hard and earned it.

      There are no short cuts and there are no guarantees.


  36. Hi Claire,
    I think there is a lot of truth in your words.
    According to my experience as much I try to improve a rank of a site in google as much it goes down.
    Of course, in my case I have few exceptions, but in general my conclusion is that guys from google almost succeed to transform internet in savage field where every plant has to find its own way to survive.

  37. Hey Claire Diaz-Ortiz – a very good and ever green topic. Most bloggers are almost after this. In my honest opinion, guest blogging and blog commenting works great in increasing page rank due to the mere fact that, if done right, they can be a great source of good quality backlinks.

  38. Congrats on reaching a PR6!
    PR3 on this page I see as well. πŸ™‚
    You’ve mastered the dark art of SEO…I’m writing a manual about the very thing at
    If you would like to contribute, I would be honoured.
    Check it out and tell me what you think if you have time. It’ll be finished soon.

  39. I was wondering what the minimum page rank is before Google ascertains that the back-link you have increases your sites rank. Is it anything above 1, or 6+? Or is the definition matter what kind of content is hosted on the site with the back-link, like lots of videos for instance.

  40. Hey Claire,

    I know you have a big following, so I was wondering how that speak pipe is working out for you. Do people actually contact you? Do you feel like it is worth putting on a site?

    If you have a second, just reply to this or shoot me an email (provided my email on this comment).

    Thank you in advance!

  41. Hey Claire,

    Thanks for your post and I would like to see your happy dance, especially when you got your ‘6’ lol.
    Seriously though, as others have mentioned about crappy websites with a high PR, there must be some kind or scamy script they use, even when I see expired domains for sale they claim to a PR of up to 6 or 7 which begs the question, why did they let a high PR domain expire??? And there are plenty of them too. Also, these aledged domains are whacky too, all sorts of crazy names and ones unpronouncable!!!

  42. You are correct. As of today Page Rank does’nt matter the most. Just create natural backlinks and give some unique content to your readers. You’ll get the best traffic you’ve ever had.

    • I said the same thing, the post doesn’t deliver info. I got a blog to PR 3 or 4 I don’t remember now-but it happened over 2 years, it was on Blogspot which I SEO’d the html codes in and I posted like 1x week but over long time.

  43. Excellent article Claire. I have a question though, I rank well organically for keywords related to my site but my page rank is still N/A or PR 0. Will trying to achieve a higher page rank help me in any way if I am already on the first page of google for related keywords. Thank you for all of your time and effort. I subscribed and look forward to more posts from you.

  44. Excellent article Clair. I have a question though, I rank well organically for keywords related to my site but my page rank is still N/A or PR 0. Will trying to achieve a higher page rank help me in any way if I am already on the first page of google for related keywords. Thank you for all of your time and effort. I subscribed and look forward to more posts from you.

  45. Great article. And it’s vastly amusing that you used the phrase “google page rank” ten times in this article about not talking about google page rank. And there you go: two more from me. Really clever. Well played! πŸ™‚
    –Lorna Joy Shashinda

  46. Yeah, the first rule about achieving anything is not to talk about it. Though I have to admit, it is hard not to say it out loud. πŸ˜€ That’s a wonderful achievement, Claire!

  47. My site gives away accounting software. It’s been around for about 7 years now, has loads of links in from other sites, has loads of good content, and despite 10,000 unique visitors a month and well over 100,000 download of the software, its stuck with a PR of 3.

  48. This is a battle we all fight every day. I wish there were clear cut goals you can work for, or an objective you can obtain. You do what you can, put out good quality content, and hope and pray you get rewarded. When you work your behind off and lose ranking, it is a slap in the face…

  49. Nice, loving the high PR πŸ˜‰ As somebody before me said, I’m just happy we’re not the only ones secretly obsessing about page rank at . But I’m interested (if you’re willing to share), how hard did you work on linking your website, or is it just the result of high visitor numbers?

  50. I am still find ways to increase the page rank of my site, still one from much time, doing a lot of research online and found this site, thnx for the info

  51. So the rule is ignore Google and they will pay attention to you, like the pesky suitor who can’t stand being ignored and won’t leave you alone . Reverse psychology works huh?

  52. I have a lot of websites I dabble on/manage/own/open to grin at. I have a passive life goal to increase my google page rank on such sites. Alas, I do absolutely nothing to reach such goal. In fact, I actually do active things to disrupt this goal, like linking to dumb articles and other internet nonsense.

  53. Nice post, here I am making this comment in the hope that some of your PR magic will rub off on me !
    I am kinda new to all this, is it appropriate to flirt through comment posts ?

  54. So, after checking out Pat Flynn’s podcast over at, I decided “hey I’m pretty handy with research, I’ll start a few websites as a side business and see where it leads”.

    My first site has been doing well so far ( if you’re interested, and no I couldn’t believe that URL wasn’t taken either…) but if I had known how nebulous and completely enigmatic “PageRank” is, I probably wouldn’t have started a site. It’s a bit frustrating that Google are basically the gatekeepers of the web, and if they decide one day to change their algorithms or, oh I dunno, prioritize Google+ results over other results, they can completely screw up your livelihood.

    Still, learning about all this stuff is fun, and since it doesn’t cost very much (who knew hosting cost less than a cup of Starbucks?) its a journey worth taking so far. Having a little piece of “myself” on the web is actually kindof neat.

  55. This is a really interesting article (along with all the comments) however page rank doesn’t mean all that much unless you are using it for backlinks to boost a site up the serp’s. For example, getting a link from this site by posting a comment could help the rankings for my website as this page is PR 3. It is a great feeling to get high PR though and your site definitely deserves the PR it has.

  56. I don’t get it Claire, are u doing the opposite :
    You like linking to dumb articles and other internet nonsense ??
    This is weird and confusing πŸ™

  57. Great article. Funny. I am about to throw myself at this SEO stuff as the Google gods are hammering me in the pagerank department. I may have to get with the times to survive! πŸ™‚ I may even have to blog and twitter and if you knew me you’d know how much that idea thrills me πŸ™‚

    Cheers again

  58. I can relate to the part were you said you did your happy dance when your page rank increased. I to have fell victim of the happy, happy, joy, joy dance when my page rank went up by 1 spot. Only to see it go back down to nothing the next day? Oh mighty Google, why must you take my happy dance away?
    I just started my new site called and I am focusing on content and traffic to start but page rank with Google is next on my list. Thanks for the actionable tips!

  59. Nice post, and congrats on your pagerank πŸ™‚ My site is relatively new and I have been spending more time focusing on content, search term / keyword placement, social networking growth and obtaining more traffic. But the chance to increase my Google PageRank is something that has been in the back of my mind for some time and so now I am looking for some tips on how to gradually increase it and if it really is all that important. Thanks for the advice πŸ™‚

  60. Well done on you page rank, I am hoping to get to page rank 1 on the next update,
    I don’t want to increase page rank quick as it may land me in hot waters with the big G.

    I do a bit of linkbuilding for page rank, the rest is to increase my SERPS,

    Good luck and happy blogging

  61. I’ve spent hours, days, maybe even weeks working on the PR for some sites but find that given time, most sites will increase naturally. I had one client who wanted to increase from 0 to 3 and I showed her some basic things to do and after 12 months she got there! I think she spent a few hours a week on it but she’s been sat at PR3 since and hasn’t dropped.

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  63. Yes I am agree with Ken. This topic is quite confusing. If I talk about my experience in this matter then I would like to say here that I have implemented all these factors (Guidelines to increase page rank) to increase page rank, but these are OK till some extend but if we go for Google Adword services then within few months your website PR will increase very fast. So it can be another way if we want to increase page rank fast.

  64. Yes, the whole topic is quite confusing Claire. I see some sites that are total junk, with just a few links, and they have PRs of 5, and then other great sites with solid and sincere information and a fair bit of backlinks with only PRs of 2 and 3. Some are gaming the system well, it seems.