The Best Blogging Course I’ve Ever Seen

Claire here, with a note about a sweet blogging class I recently endorsed.

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Here’s the deal:

I talk a lot about blogging, why I love it, why I think most folks should try it, and what it’s done to change my life. That said, bloggers come in all shapes and sizes, and many of you are at very different stages in the journey. In this note, I’m about to wax on about a sweet blogging course that I loved and think you might love, but be forewarned that it’s only relevant if you aren’t a total newbie.

[If you are a blogging newbie, welcome to the world! Big wave! Go here to get my step-by-step guide on setting up a blog.]

Okay, back to the main thing.

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For those of you who are not only passionate about blogging, but are passionate about growing your reach in the space, I’m recommending a new course today that my friend Ruth Soukup just launched.If you go to sign up, you might see a friendly face on the homepage. That’s me. And that’s me saying how much I like Ruth. And how smart she is. And why I think she rocks. And for good reason.

In short, Ruth’s brand-new Elite Blogging Academy is the real deal. It’s a crazy complete way to learn everything you’ve ever wanted about turning your blog into your career. If you buy it, and don’t think it rocks your world, Ruth gives you a 200% money-back guarantee. Yes, 200%. (I had to look up what that meant.)

Check it out here.

The back-story:

A few years ago my friend Crystal Paine started telling me all about how her blog had doubled in traffic thanks to the Pinterest strategies of this brilliant gal she met. Now, considering Crystal’s site already brought in approximately a bajillion visitors a month at the time, double a bajillion sounded pretty great. I listened up. And then I hired the gal Crystal recommended. That gal was Ruth Soukup.

It turns out, though, that Ruth isn’t just super smart when it comes to Pinterest strategy. In building her own site (now with over a million visitors a month), she employed an incredible mix of creativity, ingenuity, perseverance, and just plain smarts. And then, she wanted to teach what she did to others. This course is the culmination of her efforts.

In Elite Blog Academy, Ruth walks you through exactly how to build an uber profitable blog.

In 12 clear lessons (including 12 great videos, and 12 detailed workbooks), as well as 16 handouts, 30 assignments, 4 live webinars, and a private Facebook group, Ruth teaches you how to get where you want to be.

This isn’t a course for brand-new bloggers. But it is a course for folks who are serious about how blogging can change their life, and serious about doing the work to get there.

And, if you want to work, this course will reward you.

And just in case you don’t love it, Ruth offers a 200% money-back guarantee. Yup, if you complete the course and haven’t seen measurable results in terms of income growth and traffic growth, Ruth will refund your money – twice over. Not even the sham-wow will give ya’ that! (Read: Uh, hey Ruth…that’s pretty crazy.)

So, you want to get your blog on track to change your life?

Grab your spot before the Black Friday sale ends!


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