Mark Horvath and Invisible People (Podcast #1)

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If you do not remember by big news, let me share again: I have a new podcast.

Want to listen?


Here’s my first episode, all about Mark Horvath and Invisible People, one of the most fascinating innovators in social change I’ve come across in a long time. Everyone (including Jessica Gottlieb, if you’re counting) loves him and hasn’t been able to stop singing his praises since he jumped on the scene a few years ago.

Listen as we chat about his work uplifting homeless populations around the USA, and why he originally thought “twittering” was dumb. Not now, though;)


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2 thoughts on “Mark Horvath and Invisible People (Podcast #1)

  1. Hi Claire,

    Great first podcast! Mark is a great guest and has such great insight, and is pure inspirational… very much to the work I do.

    Looking forward to the next podcast!