My Favorite Things

If you’ve noticed, there’s been a remodel of sorts around these parts. Thanks to @AmyLynnAndrews, I have learned the joy of Genesis Theme, and this website now looks a wee bit different better.

In efforts to clean up the inside and the outside, I’ve been working to update some of the content on the pages that you see about you. I’ll be highlighting some updates in the weeks to come, as the neurons in my brain connect with the tasks completed and I remember to do so.

Let’s start now. Here’s a new page with tons of useless information you may or may not be interested in:

A List of My Favorite Things

The summary: hot beverages and books feature highly.

Do you have a favorite things list?


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  1. Awesome! It is a good prompt;)

  2. No, I don’t have a favorite things list but I really like yours and will definitely use that as a writing prompt sometime!

    In the meantime, some of my “favorite things” have been the “ordinary things” and here’s a post I wrote about that!

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