Why You Need a Word for Your Year


For the last two years, I’ve done a thing that I highly recommend: I’ve chosen a word of the year. I got the idea from a book, and I’ve had great success working hard to make sure my word directs and defines me in my year in question. I’m now such a fan that I’ll shout it on mountaintops:

Each and every year you should choose a word to represent the year you have in front of you.

I recommend doing this before you set set your annual goals.

Pick one word that word that imbues the type of year you wish to have, and a word that can serve as a guidepost for what you want in the year to come. One simple word that will help you decide between X and Y, and help you remember what’s important when you find yourself in an endless loop of Facebook/Twitter/Email checking you can’t get out of.

Depending on the type of year you’re going for, some examples might be:

Rest (my 2013 word)

Renew (my 2014 word)






You get the picture.

One word that means everything you hope to achieve and catalyze and crystalize and create and live and breathe. One word. For one special year (via clement). I’ll be sharing mine soon. (Hint: it’s actually not ONE word this year. But more on that later.;)

Do you have a word for 2015? Can you create one for what you want 2013 to be?

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24 thoughts on “Why You Need a Word for Your Year

  1. Really love this idea, Claire. I’m a fan of goal setting because it focuses my intentions. This is just another way to reinforce the direction of my intentions consciously and subconsciously. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. This is a great post. Since I was loaded with work, and I didn’t even get to write down the new year’s resolution. This post reminded myself, that I have to stop for a moment, breath, and live again.
    My word of the year is “Kind and Solid”
    My 2014 was competitive, and I was only seeing so far. But I want this year to be more kind. So that I have time to look at people around me and be kind to them.
    I also want my 2015 to be solid. Stick to my goal and plan to achieve them.
    I had a great time reading your post, and take a step back and looking at myself, and my year.

  3. I’ve been adopting a word of the year for the last two years and I LOVE it. I can’t believe how much I refer back to it – how much it motivates and inspires and grounds me when I need it most.

    Ali Edwards (aliedwards.com) is a big name in the scrapbooking community and she holds a class on it each year – which is definitely worth a view. She’s amazing and inspiring. And she makes pretty things.

    I like your ‘hint’ that it’s not ONE word this year. Mine isn’t either. Yay for words and goals!


  4. I started doing the one word in 2013. That year my one word was OBEDIENT. This past year my one word was STAND and for 2015 my one word is REST. I love how all through the year God will send devotions

  5. Hey Claire. Thank you for the post. I heard you speak about this in the past and have copied the idea myself to great effect. I have found that it helps me when I am making decisions, but perhaps more importantly, it helps my employees as they remember what I am focused on for the year. The one word has done a good job of getting us all on the same page and pushing in the same direction. Thanks for the insight and the always impactful blog.