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115 thoughts on “A New Webinar on Productivity: Which Title Do You Like?

  1. The third option resonates with me. The headline seems reasonable and not ‘over-the-top’ like promises you might find for laundry detergent. I like the first three words in the subtitle (Six Simple Steps…) which gives me confidence I can make a few small, simple steps that can have a big impact on my productivity.

  2. 2. 1 sounds too over the top. 3 sounds too under the top.

    One word for 2017 personally– healing.
    In workplace– care.

  3. 3 – so many articles on the web are “x ways to do something miraculous ” & most of them are utter crap so I for one would find number 1 a complete no-go

  4. I like choice three. It doesn’t promise everything, but offers help. I also like the six simple steps part being in the tag line instead of the title. It lets it be there without being cheesy. Each title is going to attract different personalities. My personality likes the last one. šŸ˜‰

  5. #1 as the second seems impossible to me and the third sounds like all the other productivity pushes on the internet. “Strategies” appealed to me as well as “proven.” I like to know if I’m beta testing or if others have already worked out the bugs and improved the system.
    May your child helpers assist well, and inhope you plan to enjoy the time alone with the cherubs or rug-rats, depending on their moods.

  6. I really like 1 and 2 equally… but 2 resonates just a smidgen more. Perhaps because I like the “closure” of a day and the whole “take one day at a time” mantra.

    Like Traci said, blessings in your present adventure. Be extra sweet to yourself while your husband is away. And remember to breathe. šŸ™‚

    • The three choice thumbnail is better than one but there should be a way of being more secetlive. First or last frame or some other way of allowing more precision.

  7. Funny, but 1 & 2 made me feel nervous. . . As if it would be impossible to do, while 3 gave me a feeling of yeah, if I had some help I could do that! I put way too much pressure on myself and often work until I’m exhausted. I love my work but know I need to be less intense just for good long term health.

    My word for the year is calm. That’s my ultimate goal for 2017, to feel more calm at the end of each day and ultimately at the end of the year. That’s for your help Claire and happy parenting to you and your husband!!

  8. I like #2 because it is concrete. I can imagine one day.
    Seems a lot of votes for #3 but I find it a very common slogan…Not attention getting. šŸ˜‰

    Hope that helps and you’re so much fun I am enjoying following you!

  9. #3… While less time specific (i.e. you will complete x tasks in y time ) it comes across as more realistic… and more open to have many different applications

  10. Hi Claire!

    I like 2. The title grabs me; it’s catchy, not kitschy, and it sounds hopeful and full of promise, like a brand new #2 pencil!
    The subtitle fleshes the idea out, and gets me excited for what is to come!

  11. #2.

    Leading with “Six Strategies….” in #1 feels a bit like another 12-step program. And #3 feels a bit too generic. #2 is tighter and feels to me like, ‘The 4-hour workweek’. It’s more definite, and I’d LOVE to be able to get everything done during a single day.

    Caveat: I’d prefer to see a shorter tagline, and that’s where you could mention the Six Strategies–like, “Six Strategies to Skyrocket Your Productivity.”

    Anyway, more than the proverbial $0.02. Best of luck.

  12. #2 works for me. Slashing in half seems unrealistic…ha. It takes me longer than most, but I can be optimistic about the day thing.

  13. #3 is the most compelling and as Robin Sherwood suggested, you could leave out the “How to”. Congratulations on your growing family and good luck in your solo time!

  14. Mostly #2, but with some #1 thrown in:
    Six Simple Steps to Get Everything Done In a Day
    The Proven Plan to Skyrocket Your Productivity and Scale Up Your Success

    Slash your work hours….sounds out of place no matter where you have it.

    Says, a mother of 3, twins were preemies but are now 10. It gets easier and easier, just keep trying.

  15. I’d go for #3 though you could delete the “How to” for the sake of brevity. As for the subtitle – it’s awfully long and I get anxious just thinking about “doubling my productivity” since I have always been a work horse but want to work less not more and work smarter, more efficiently, yadda, yadda, yadda. For what it’s worth!

  16. I like the first one, followed by the second. The second two are too vague and sound like a bunch of books already out there with the same type of sub-title. The second one is unclear…what are you getting done in a day? Something that would normally take a week? Two days?

    Good luck with the kids. I have two in grade school and dealing with their arguments is a full-time job šŸ˜‰

  17. I also like #3 best. Bless you with your new little ones! Thank you for your updates and for continuing on in the midst of the busyness. It’s inspiring.

  18. Hello Claire,
    I prefer the third title. It’s precise and goes straight to the point.

    Kind Regards,
    Adewunmi, Lagos Nigeria

    • Hi! I feel you with trying to get stuff done while raising two little kids. I have two boys under the age of 5! I like #2, btw. Because when I’m planning things out I’m constantly thinking “what will I get done today/tomorrow.” I think it fits with my internal mantra. “One day at a time.”