Five Things Every Blogger Needs to Know About Unverified Email Subscribers

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One day last week, I had a bit of a field day learning about unverified (or “unconfirmed”) email newsletter subscribers. Although most people are able to find something more normal to become obsessed with for a 5 hour period (a difficult jigsaw puzzle, a dirty house) I – apparently – am not terribly creative. Unverified […]

Are You Still Talking About Yourself on Social Media?

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I’ve now finished recording ten videos sharing my favorite (make that least favorite) social media pet peeves. The tenth video, below, shares the topic I found myself most annoyed by: people who talk about themselves too much on social media. It’s a common trap to fall into — wanting to promote your own work — but […]

Why You Shouldn’t Comment On Someone’s Profile Picture (Social Media Pet Peeve #9)

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If you haven’t yet watched one of my social media pet peeve videos, I’ll summarize: I’m doing videos about pet peeves I have. About social media. This week, I’ve got one all about why you shouldn’t negatively (or even somewhat negatively) comment on other people’s social media profile pictures. As I’ve found, pretty much anything […]

The Present Principle (Plus A Free Copy of My Ebook)

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Looking for a free copy of The Present Principle ebook? Sign up for my free email newsletter, and you’ll get the ebook delivered to your inbox. (Form not working? Try going here.) Having trouble finding your download? You’ll need to confirm your email address for the newsletter, and then you’ll receive an email that starts […]

The Podcasting Tools You Need to Win

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In the New Year, I’ll be doing some rebranding on my Podcast, and doing so also means getting the best tools to do the job. After chatting with some folks for recommendations (including Erik Fisher, who interviewed me for his podcast, Beyond the To-Do List last month), I’ve come up with the best of the best […]

Stop Yelling At People On Twitter (Social Media Pet Peeve #8)

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I’ve been doing a series of social media pet peeve videos, and today here’s another installment, this time urging you to stop yelling at people on Twitter. By yelling, of course, I mean sniping, snarking, and engaging in destructive online arguments with for all to see. Have you done that before? Well, stop. Here’s why. […]

Me (In 3 Minutes or Less)

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This week I’m excited to announce my new column over at, entitled The Business of Being a Woman. I’ve long admired the fun, classy, light-hearted Moms over at Babble, and it’s fun to be writing for them. The first post, “All About Me (In Three Minutes or Less)“, went live, and, as the title […]

Why You Need to Stop Talking About Yourself On Social Media (Video)

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I’ve got another installment of my Social Media Pet Peeve video series today, and this time I’m talking about why you need to stop talking about yourself on social media. Self-promotion on social media is a tricky business, and finding the right balance between tooting your own horn, tooting the horns of others, and sharing […]