Is Your Goal Right for You?

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I set goals each year, and although I don’t type them all out for readers (to both not bore you to tears, and to keep some privacy), I do share some of those goals (like the number of books I aim to read each year: 150). Slowly but surely, I’m hitting a few of my […]

Five Keys to (My) Perfect Workspace

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Last month I was part of a great series over in the LinkedIn influencer blogs (yes, I have a blog over there) about the perfect workspace. Called, Where 50 Influencers Work, the piece focuses on images of workspaces (like mine, above) and then asks folks to share about their image. Why it makes a great […]

My Word in Action: To Rest or Work?

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image by kawamura My word of the year is REST, and I’m trying hard to remember this at times. It doesn’t come naturally, and I find myself fighting my word more often than I find myself settling into it. Rest, for me, is proving hard. Take last week, for instance. I had flown into a […]

My Word of the Year: Rest.

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Last week, I told you about the idea of creating a “word of the year”. One word to inform and synthesize the year you have ahead of you. One word to mean everything you want 2013 to be, and one word that will help serve as a guiding light when times get tough and you’re […]

Why You Need a Word to Define Your Year

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I read a great thing recently, and I’m a bad person because I’m not 100% sure I remember where. I think it may have been in Gretchen Rubin’s Happier at Home — Rubin’s great second book about continuing the process of bringing more happiness into your daily life. But I’m not entirely sure it was […]

In Defense of Reality Television

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I’m ready to say it. Or, rather, shout it from the rooftops. I love reality television. Yes. Reality. Television. That oh-so-useless entertainment form that some decry should be wiped from our earth forever.  And here’s why. Over time, I’ve noticed that one of the-most commented on aspects of my personality is this very fact. Although I […]