My New Book on Digital Overwhelm: Greater Expectations

Guess what? I’ve got a new book out today! Greater Expectations: Succeed (and Stay Sane), in an On-Demand, All-Access, Always-On Age is a short tactical tome that shares information, statistics and stories about what a balanced life in a digital age really means, and gives you a roadmap for keeping digital overwhelm at bay. It’s part of a new […]

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How to Set Annual Goals

Interested in setting goals? Every December, Michael Hyatt opens up his popular course, Best Year Ever. I highly recommend it. Watch three FREE videos from him about goal-setting here. New year, new goals. My inbox seems full of folks talking about what they want to accomplish in 2014. How to decide what they want to […]

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5 Secrets to Openhearted Twitter Success

This is a guest post by Mary DeMuth, a gal I first stumbled upon several years ago thanks to her great blog. Mary is one of the only successful authors I know about to write and publish both fiction and non-fiction — which I find nothing short of incredible. Enjoy! # Social media tends to come […]

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How to Ask for a Favor

In a recent blog post, I wrote about a challenging situation I’m facing with a particular friend. In short, I get requests for favors from this friend from time to time, which I always promptly respond to and complete. But whenever I ask for a favor, the friend is nowhere to be found. I sought […]

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When is the Best Time to Respond to Emails?

Here’s the thing. In theory, I believe that email isn’t work. In my view, email isn’t a creation-based process that results in shipping your next product out the door, or writing your next book, or recording your next album. Email isn’t as creatively taxing as getting a project done, and email doesn’t add up hour […]

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The Five Best Books On Writing

(Interested in learning to become a professional writer? Check out the uber popular course, Tribe Writers, that my friend Jeff puts on. It’s open until midnight tonight, March 31.) I sound like a broken record when I talk about reading. I read a ton, it’s a huge priority in my life, and I seek out great books […]

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Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Read My Blog

Guess what? Maybe my blog isn’t for you. And maybe that other blog you read from time to time isn’t either. Should you keep reading on the off-chance that something might one day strike you as life-changing? Maybe. Or maybe not. Here’s how to know when it’s time to stop reading my blog (or someone […]

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How to Fix a Broken Relationship

After writing the post, Can You Be Too Helpful? last week, I got a ton of email responses and blog comments from folks with great insights. One of those folks was John Lemmon, who had some great insight. I asked if he might put it together into a guest post, and Voila!   #   […]

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Free Ebooks – Today, and Every Day

I read a lot. This year, I’m on track to hit my goal of 200 books read by December 31. Thankfully, I don’t buy all of those books. Many of them I get through free ebook offers and free kindle book promotions that authors I know (and don’t know) launch. One of my pals, NYT […]

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