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When to Stop Working When It’s Not Working

Recently I've written about the wrong time of day for me to do my writing, and more generally about the importance of knowing when the best time of day is for you to do specific work. Today I want to expand on this idea to talk about how you know when it's time to stop trying. Or, rather, how you know when it's time to stop forcing yourself to do work you're not doing so great at. Here's the thing: In the story I told you, about me at the … [Continue Reading...]

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How to Find Work Life Balance As an Accomplished Depressive {Guest Post}

This guest post comes in via Molly Dunn, a pal from business school who is rocking the world. Importantly, Molly is rocking the world despite a diagnosis of clinical depression, and shares about the journey at her blog DepressionWhoNeedsIt. Although depression isn't something I have suffered with, I am a huge believe in mental health being a key priority in order to lead healthy and happy work and personal lives. I'll let Molly take it from … [Continue Reading...]

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Elite Blog Academy: An In-Depth Review of A New Blogging Course

I get tons of questions about blogging, so I'm always happy when I can check out blogging courses to see what I think of them and if I think readers would like and learn from them. Recently I told you about Ruth Soukup and her new course, Elite Blogging Academy. In this review, I'll lay out what I think more in-depth about the course. Who it's for, who it's maybe not for, and why I care. Hopefully, this will help some of you think about if … [Continue Reading...]

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Get this Bestselling Author’s New Book for FREE

I've got a friend named Jeff. He wrote a book, and I endorsed it. He wrote another, and I loved that one, too. Now it's third time's the charm (is that the phrase? me not know...), and his new book is en route. The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do comes out later this month. And because Jeff is a crazy man, he's giving away a ton of copies of it for free before it hits stores. (Read about that … [Continue Reading...]

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What I Learned by Trying the Paleo Diet

Last month, I did a long-planned thirty day experiment on the Paleo diet (also known as the "Whole 30" diet) – meaning I eliminated all grains, dairy, sugar and legumes from my diet for one month in order to cleanse and improve my overall health. It was a huge challenge for me, one of my goals for … [Continue...]

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Why I’m Not Going to South by Southwest

For the tenth time in the past week, I had a conversation tonight about why I’m not going to South by Southwest this year. South by Southwest, of course, being one of the biggest conferences around, and the biggest if you work or live in the technology world. Although I’m not entirely without regret … [Continue...]

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My Word of the Year: Rest.

Last week, I told you about the idea of creating a “word of the year”. One word to inform and synthesize the year you have ahead of you. One word to mean everything you want 2013 to be, and one word that will help serve as a guiding light when times get tough and you’re not clear on where your … [Continue...]

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Why You Need a Word to Define Your Year

I read a great thing recently, and I’m a bad person because I'm not 100% sure I remember where. I think it may have been in Gretchen Rubin’s Happier at Home -- Rubin’s great second book about continuing the process of bringing more happiness into your daily life. But I'm not entirely sure it was … [Continue...]

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Three Essential Questions to Help You Solve Problems

We've all had them. Problems. Big, small, tiny, and massive. And we all seek to find the best ways to handle them every time they arise. Sometimes, they seem to fill entire days with their weighty, darkened skies. Problems can make a day one where nothing seems to go right, everything goes … [Continue...]

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In Defense of Reality Television

I'm ready to say it. Or, rather, shout it from the rooftops. I love reality television. Yes. Reality. Television. That oh-so-useless entertainment form that some decry should be wiped from our earth forever.  And here's why. Over time, I've noticed that one of the-most commented on … [Continue...]

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Why You Should Set Reading Goals

The other day, I wrote a post about How to Set Life Goals in 2013. In the post, I walked through the SMART goals framework from Paul Meyer’s Attitude is Everything (which I'll recommend again -- it's just $2.99 for 144 motivating pages.) As I walked through the framework, I showed some of my … [Continue...]

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How to Set Life Goals

By now, I imagine you've realized that the truth is staring you in the fact: It's a new year. (Cue: So, what are you going to do about it?) For me, a new year is about new goals. Whether you got a chance to do goal-setting over the holidays before 2013 actually struck -- or you're just … [Continue...]

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Five Things Every Blogger Needs to Know About Unverified Email Subscribers

One day last week, I had a bit of a field day learning about unverified (or "unconfirmed") email newsletter subscribers. Although most people are able to find something more normal to become obsessed with for a 5 hour period (a difficult jigsaw puzzle, a dirty house) I - apparently - am not terribly … [Continue...]