Why I Live-Tweeted My Daughter’s Birth

A funny thing happened on the fourth of April. I woke up, pregnant, and had a good day. Some work, some play, some rest. In close to a month I’d be having a baby, and I was settling into that stretch of pregnancy where you are uncomfortably large and eager for it all to be behind you. At night, I went to bed. A few hours later, I woke up to find that my water had broken. Since I didn’t really know what that meant, I had to Google to see if … [Continue Reading...]

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Be More Productive By Hitting the Mark

My pal Erik Fisher of the Beyond the To-do List podcast (see my recent interview with him here), has a great new book out called Hit the Mark that's all about one of my most favorite topics: Productivity. {Yes, I'm the biggest productivity hack you'll ever meet. And no, that doesn't mean I'm that amazing at it. But it does mean I read endlessly about the topic;) Erik's new book has an interesting take on theme, and definitely worth a good … [Continue Reading...]

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Elite Blog Academy: An In-Depth Review of A New Blogging Course

I get tons of questions about blogging, so I'm always happy when I can check out blogging courses to see what I think of them and if I think readers would like and learn from them. Recently I told you about Ruth Soukup and her new course, Elite Blogging Academy. In this review, I'll lay out what I think more in-depth about the course. Who it's for, who it's maybe not for, and why I care. Hopefully, this will help some of you think about if … [Continue Reading...]

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How to Make 2015 Not Suck #goals

As part of my morning quiet time, I've been reading a book on goal-setting from Danielle Laporte. So far, I'm loving it. This morning, in the book, Danielle suggested that the entire month of December should be wiped off the map in terms of work. In other words, no one should work in December. I laughed. And then I agreed. There's a lot to do in December. The holidays. The family stuff. The shopping. All that food. And then there's the … [Continue Reading...]

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The Women Who Change Honduras: My Trip with ONE

Last month I had the pleasure to serve as one of three delegates on a trip to Honduras hosted by ONE -- the grassroots advocacy campaign cofounded by Bono. It was ONE's first trip to Latin America (and first outside Africa). Alongside the other delegates, actresses America Ferrera and Alexis … [Continue...]

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Social Media Pet Peeve: People Who Constantly Ask for Retweets {Video}

I've got pet peeves, and I'm going to start telling you about them. In this first video of an upcoming video series on - what else - social media pet peeves, I'm sharing about one of my hands-down, feet-up least favorite of all social media pet peeves: people who constantly ask you to retweet their … [Continue...]

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Podcast #9: How to Get Great Book Endorsements

If you're writing a book, this may be the podcast for you. In it, I'll talk about the importance of finding good endorsers for your next book, and how you can maximize their support for marketing gold. I share ten key tips on how to best approach endorsers, how to guide them to a good … [Continue...]

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How to Create Your New Twitter Profile in Three Easy Steps

This week brought a bunch of changes on Twitter, and the most commented on change of all is the new functionality to create a more awesome Twitter profile page. Specifically, you can now upload a header image alongside your handy avatar. The way your bio is displayed is also cooler, too. After … [Continue...]

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FIve Great New Twitter Profile Pages

The launch of the new Twitter profile page has taken the angst over choosing a profile image to new heights -- now prompting you to choose an awesome, snazzy background image as well. Thanks to your help on my plea for help choosing a background image for my Twitter profile, I'm all set. If … [Continue...]

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Which Background Image Should I Use for My New Twitter Profile Page?

The news of the new Twitter profile pages broke this morning, and it's been a fun day of trying to decide which image to use for my Twitter profile page over @claire. I've got a few potentials, but, as usual, suffer from being a wee bit indecisive. Which do you like best? 1. Qatar, and a … [Continue...]

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How to Mitigate Disappointment

Recently, I had an (organic) experience that perfectly clarified to me why disappointment makes you feel bad, and what you can do to mitigate that bad feeling. Here's what happened: I have been desperate for lazer eye surgery for years. In recent months, though, this desperation has grown to … [Continue...]

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Why I’m Now Writing More About Travel

  If you need to know anything about my history as a blogger, it's this: I started as a travel blogger in 2006. A somewhat successful one, at that. Travel blogging is the art of moving, moving, moving, and sharing the absurdities that occur along the way. Travel blogging also includes … [Continue...]

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How to Consume More Articles (Without Reading Them)

  A friend who knows well how much content I consume sent me a great tip the other day. If you're sick of actually reading all those articles you find throughout the day (or that other people send you), just forward the articles to your free account on Sound Gecko. It'll turn those written … [Continue...]