Why I Live-Tweeted My Daughter’s Birth

A funny thing happened on the fourth of April. I woke up, pregnant, and had a good day. Some work, some play, some rest. In close to a month I’d be having a baby, and I was settling into that stretch of pregnancy where you are uncomfortably large and eager for it all to be behind you. At night, I went to bed. A few hours later, I woke up to find that my water had broken. Since I didn’t really know what that meant, I had to Google to see if … [Continue Reading...]

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Be More Productive By Hitting the Mark

My pal Erik Fisher of the Beyond the To-do List podcast (see my recent interview with him here), has a great new book out called Hit the Mark that's all about one of my most favorite topics: Productivity. {Yes, I'm the biggest productivity hack you'll ever meet. And no, that doesn't mean I'm that amazing at it. But it does mean I read endlessly about the topic;) Erik's new book has an interesting take on theme, and definitely worth a good … [Continue Reading...]

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Where I’ve Been…

This is the post where I tell you where I've been. Because it's been a long six months of me not really blogging. A long six months of me not doing much online, and a long six months of me being extremely thankful for that fact. In no particular order (although I bet you can figure it out), here's what happened: 1. I had a baby. A small one. (She was eager, so she came out almost a month ahead of time.) I live-tweeted it (more on that next … [Continue Reading...]

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How to Read More

Many of us say we wish we had more time in our lives to read, but how many of us actually make the time? I always set an annual reading goal (this year it's 200 books), but the main reason it works for me is that it motivates me to set aside time for something I already love. But what if you're trying to find more time to read and it's not the #1 thing you'd do if you had two minutes of free time (as it is for me)? Here are ten simple … [Continue Reading...]

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Why I’m Now Writing More About Travel

  If you need to know anything about my history as a blogger, it's this: I started as a travel blogger in 2006. A somewhat successful one, at that. Travel blogging is the art of moving, moving, moving, and sharing the absurdities that occur along the way. Travel blogging also includes … [Continue...]

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How to Consume More Articles (Without Reading Them)

  A friend who knows well how much content I consume sent me a great tip the other day. If you're sick of actually reading all those articles you find throughout the day (or that other people send you), just forward the articles to your free account on Sound Gecko. It'll turn those written … [Continue...]

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When I Find Time to Listen to Audiobooks

  Following my recent post on how audiobooks are changing my reading life, I received a few questions about when I find time to listen to audiobooks. As my best friend simply wrote: when do you listen to these? i can't think of anytime except exercise when i wouldn't just whip out a … [Continue...]

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Why Audiobooks Are Changing My (Reading) Life

As I've said before, I read a lot. In 2012, the goal is 150 books, and I'm right on track. Amazingly, though, until this year I'd never really taken much of an interest in audiobooks. At least for the last 15 years or so. When I was younger, and I went on long, boring (!) family hikes or road … [Continue...]

Recommended Hotels

The following hotels  are either a) places that have come recommended to me in which I have not yet stayed, or b) places I am fond of. So, take my word for it. Or take someone else's.   New York City The Surrey The Hudson Hotel  (I stayed there for the US Open last year. Small … [Continue...]

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The Best WordPress Plugins

  I've talked before about why Wordpress is the hands-down best blogging platform around these days, and I'm sure I'll talk about it again. Once you have a blog set up, though, the next most important thing is to have the right plug-ins. [Don't yet have your blog set up? See my recent … [Continue...]

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How to Set Up a Blog

I love to talk blogging, and enjoy sharing why I firmly believe that most entrepreneurs and business folk can benefit from blogging. To get a blog going, though, you do need to set it up. In this post I want to point you to some of my resources detailing exactly how to go about setting up a … [Continue...]

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Why the Demise of Hotmail is the End of an Era

This week, a tiny little news item appeared on the right side of my screen as I scanned something vastly more important. In no uncertain terms, it alerted me to the end of an era. Hotmail is dying. Yes, folks, it's true. The 350 million of us who at one point signed up for accounts with … [Continue...]

Recommended Restaurants

Here are some yummy places I have either eaten in, or want to eat in. Miami Prime One Twelve New York City Fred's Soho House Los Angeles Cecconi's … [Continue...]