Stop Yelling At People On Twitter (Social Media Pet Peeve #8)

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I’ve been doing a series of social media pet peeve videos, and today here’s another installment, this time urging you to stop yelling at people on Twitter. By yelling, of course, I mean sniping, snarking, and engaging in destructive online arguments with for all to see. Have you done that before? Well, stop. Here’s why.

Me (In 3 Minutes or Less)

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This week I’m excited to announce my new column over at, entitled The Business of Being a Woman. I’ve long admired the fun, classy, light-hearted Moms over at Babble, and it’s fun to be writing for them. The first post, “All About Me (In Three Minutes or Less)“, went live, and, as the title […]

Why You Need to Stop Talking About Yourself On Social Media (Video)

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I’ve got another installment of my Social Media Pet Peeve video series today, and this time I’m talking about why you need to stop talking about yourself on social media. Self-promotion on social media is a tricky business, and finding the right balance between tooting your own horn, tooting the horns of others, and sharing […]

Five Reasons to Be a Night Owl

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When I wrote my recent popular post, Five Reasons to Be A Morning Person, I could not have envisioned I would then go ahead and write the exact opposite article a week later. But alas, my mother had other ideas. When she received my newsletter in her email inbox (you have signed up, haven’t you?) […]

Six Things Silicon Valley Can Teach Social Entrepreneurs

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I recently wrote a piece for Fast Company (and the new Skoll World Forum website) about the Six Things Silicon Valley Can Teach Social Entrepreneurs. If you’re a social entrepreneur, or you work in a fast-paced technology environment like Silicon Valley, these might ring true.   Here’s a preview…   Six Things Silicon Valley Can Teach […]