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My New Book is Here: Order Hope Runs this Week for $150 in Bonuses & $1,000 in Prizes!

My new book, Hope Runs: An American Tourist, A Kenyan Boy, A Story of Redemption, is here! And if you order this week you'll get not only $150 in freebies, but you'll also be entered to win over $1,000 in prizes. (Just keep reading...) The book, as I've said, is not the book many folks expected me to write. It's not a book about business, productivity, or technology book. Not at all. Hope Runs is a joint memoir with my Kenyan foster son, … [Continue Reading...]

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How to Make Life Better Right Where You Are

Every time I listen to music I like while I work, I think of my old work colleague and friend, @mutgoff. Maggie was already at Twitter when I started in 2009, moving and shaking and doing cool stuff. One day, at some point during the years we worked together, she sent an email to employees sharing a simple, special experience she had had that day. Here's what happened to her: In the middle of an otherwise busy work-day, she plugged in … [Continue Reading...]

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Do You Have a Confident Heart?

I'm a huge fan of devotionals, and throughout the course of each year I work through a few different ones during my morning routine -- which I call my PRESENT time. (See here for a full outline of what I do each morning.) So when I heard that bestselling author Renee Swope had released a new devotional to accompany her book, A Confident Heart, I was thrilled. After connecting with Renee through a friend last year and first hearing her story, I … [Continue Reading...]

"Hope Runs"  Nyeri, Kenya.  May 12 and 13, 2007.

Win a Copy of My New Book!

As I shouted yesterday, Hope Runs: An American Tourist, A Kenyan Boy, A Story of Redemption, is here! If you order the book this week you'll get $150 in freebies and be entered to win $1,000 in prizes. Check out the details here. But if you want to win a copy (I'm giving away five), do one or more of the following things. Leave 1 comment on this post for every item you do. Like this blog post on Facebook. Tweet this blog post using … [Continue Reading...]

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What’s Your $100 Startup?

I've talked before about Chris Guilleabeau of The Art of Nonconformity, and his unique ability to rock the casbah. Suffice it to say, my admiration for Chris has only grown in the intervening months since I wrote that post. There are two main reasons for this. Chris has traveled to even more … [Continue...]

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How to Connect (With Anyone) on LinkedIn

Every day, I watch as small handfuls of people who supposedly want to connect with me online thoroughly and entirely waste their opportunity to do so. They do this -- most notably -- in the form of terrible LinkedIn requests. Although some percentage of the dozen or so LinkedIn requests I receive … [Continue...]

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Four Seasons: Denver, Colorado {Hotel Review}

On a recent work trip, I had the chance to stay at the Four Season in Denver. In life, I am perpetually perplexed that "Four Seasons" and a "Ritz Carlton" are not simply interchangeable words (and hotels), and this stay was no exception. I kept saying to myself, "The Singapore Ritz Carlton has … [Continue...]

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How to Get a Job: A True Story (Part 3)

Have you been following along with my series on How to Get a Job: A True Story? Catch up by reading Part 1  and Part 2, then read Part 3 below...   How to Get a Job: A True Story (Part 3) And we're back. In Part 1, I showed you the awesome email I got from someone (full disclosure: … [Continue...]

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Book Reviews: All That You Can’t Leave Behind, The Peace “Corpse”

'Tis book review time. And this time I'm featuring books I'm positive you've never heard of. Why? Because I read some off-beat books. See my ongoing list of the 100 books I'm reading in 2012, and check out their (sometimes) pretty covers on my Pinterest board, cryptically entitled: The 100 Books … [Continue...]

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Platform Building in Three Steps – An Interview with Michael Hyatt

The other day, I told you about one particular book. It's called Platform, and I love it. It's all about how to create a dedicated network to help support your aims and you can read more about what I thought of the book here. Today, I'm doing an interview with Michael Hyatt about the … [Continue...]

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How to Build A Platform

If you've been near me in the last week, you've likely heard me gushing. Not about some of the amazing events I've been to of late, or the weird food my boss made me eat, or the cute cardigan I bought at 70% off at Anthropologie. Nope. If you've been listening carefully, you've heard me gush … [Continue...]

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Email Etiquette: Six Tips to Dominate Your Inbox

There were quite a few responses to my post last week, I Didn’t Email You Back Because I Wanted to Personally Offend You. Fittingly, many of them came to me via email. And many were quite good. I've pulled together some of the best ones, with hopes that they might help you (or enrage you!) in … [Continue...]

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Book Reviews: Little Princes and Trout Fishing in the Yemen

Days have passed, I've read more books. See my ongoing list of the 100 books I'm reading in 2012, and check out their (sometimes) pretty covers on my Pinterest board, cryptically entitled: The 100 Books I'm Reading in 2012. As always, if you've got a book you want me to read/review/spill chai tea … [Continue...]