Announcing My New book: One Minute Mentoring!

Alongside my co-author, Ken Blanchard, I’m thrilled to announce our new book from Harper Collins is now out in hardback in the USA! (Look for 10 other languages/lands coming soon!) One Minute Mentoring: How to Find and Work with a Mentor, and Why You’ll Benefit from Being One.   The story behind this book is […]

Why Movement Isn’t Progress

I’ve been thinking a lot about movement of late, because in some areas of my life it feels like I’m not seeing the progress I want to be making. I look at my annual goals list, for example, and I see a whole lot of nothing happening in a few areas of my life six […]

A New Webinar on Productivity: Which Title Do You Like?

Fun news: I’m launching a new free webinar all about the strategies behind the productivity system I teach in my book, Design Your Day, and in Work by Design School, and am having ALL THE FEELS when trying to decide on my title and subtitle. Which do you like? Leave a comment saying 1, 2, […]

My 2017 Word of the Year Is…

Hello from twin central. After seven weeks in tne NICU, we brought our preemie twins home last week, and they’re growing like bean stalks as we speak. This year my end of the year goal-setting was a bit different than most, as I was full up in the craze of being a new Mama to […]

How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Your Smartphone

This weekend, I had the bizarre impulse to text my two year old to tell her something. Although it would be an effective way to communicate important updates (“Emma’s mom is picking you up at preschool!”), I clearly don’t want to rush my daughter’s childhood. I know I’ll find myself too soon sitting across from […]

Great Links this Week

  We spend a lot of time in this space chatting about productivity and how to work well. I thought I’d start something new here, shift gears a little bit, and have some fun. A lot of you want to know what I’m reading online. Some things make me think. Some things make me shudder. […]

I Haven’t Blogged in Two Months and Here’s the Crazy Reason Why

Oh hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! It’s me, Claire. Your long-lost blogging buddy. Generally I love me some good ole’ regular blogging. But things happen, you see, and this year THINGS HAPPENED and it has taken me more than a couple of months to get my groove back. Here’s the situation: Twins are coming! Boys, to be exact, which […]

Work by Design School is HERE. Doors Are Open Wide.

  Work by Design School: An Introduction When it comes to work, many of us are so overwhelmed by WHAT we have to do that we don’t prioritize learning HOW to do it well. This mistake can cost us decades of our careers, and the success and fortune that lie just around the corner. Work by […]

All the Things You Cannot Plan

This weekend, a dear friend who is expecting a baby was telling me about her planning woes. She is one of those people who KNOWS things, and even though I have a two year old, and she hasn’t had any children yet, she hands-down knows more about babies, labor, and child-rearing than I ever will. […]