How to Get Podcast Reviews

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  I was futzing around with my new podcast today. Seeing how many people have downloaded it in its first month live, thinking about who I’m going to interview next, and moaning about the lack of podcast reviews on Itunes. To be clear, there are two reviews on Itunes. However, if you read these “reviews”, […]

Best Of the Interwebs: The *Me* Edition

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I wanted to provide a round-up of some of the places I’ve been lately on the Interwebs. Meaning, that this edition of “Best of the Interwebs” is a bit one note. Read/don’t read at your leisure: Social Good Stars – Claire Diaz-Ortiz: This over-the-top nice piece on the Huffington Post chats about some of the […]

How to Change the World in 2012

I’m a fan of Craig Newmark (that’s Craig of Craigslist, for those who need clarification). He’s been a big supporter of Twitter for Good and I’ve been lucky to share the stage with him when chatting all things social innovation. So when he asked me to write a blog post for his new Social Good […]

Ask Me Questions on Fox News About Social Media and Giving {12/19 11:15 am EST}

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Remember how I kicked off Day 1 of the #12DaysofGiving challenge last week by encouraging you to check out (and donate to) Hope Runs? Us 12 social good types and our 12 charities are getting some buzz, and this morning, Monday, Dec 19 at 11:15 am EST, I’ll be answering questions about social media, non profits […]

How to Use Storify

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In this post, you’ll learn how to use Storify. Theoretically, that is.   This week, I had another of those conversations with social media people where I confess to not understanding what Storify is and how it works. The conversation went something like this:   Them: Storify is awesome! Me: Yeah! Totally! Them: Yeah! Me: […]