How to Find a Mentor

I have long been convinced that mentoring is one of the most useful, least talked about strategies in business. With the success of such books like Mentoring 101 and Power Mentoring, more and more people are hearing about mentorship as a real strategy in business and life. However, even those who have heard about it […]

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How to Turn a Professional Credential Into a Job Promotion

A Guest Post by Cassie Boorn. Cassie is a writer, social media specialist, entreprenuer and PR girl who has built digital programs for Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, small businesses and bloggers. You can find her shelling out PR and career advice weekly at A few weeks ago Claire was named one of the 100 most creative people in business […]

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How I Read 150 Books a Year

One of the most commented on aspects of my blog is my reading habit. For the past five years or so, I’ve been setting a goal to read 100 books a year, and handily breaking it each year without pushing myself — usually coming in around 115 or so. (See a look at the “top” […]

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Three Reasons My Kindle Makes Me Read More

Source: via Claire on Pinterest     When I read an article a few weeks back stating that, on average, people reportedly read 30% more thanks to electronic reading devices like the Kindle, I was speechless. Not in the shocked I-can’t-believe-that-nonsense kind of way I feel when my BFF sends me Yahoo’s Weird News […]

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What’s Your $100 Startup?

I’ve talked before about Chris Guilleabeau of The Art of Nonconformity, and his unique ability to rock the casbah. Suffice it to say, my admiration for Chris has only grown in the intervening months since I wrote that post. There are two main reasons for this. Chris has traveled to even more countries, now placing […]

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How to Connect (With Anyone) on LinkedIn

Every day, I watch as small handfuls of people who supposedly want to connect with me online thoroughly and entirely waste their opportunity to do so. They do this — most notably — in the form of terrible LinkedIn requests. Although some percentage of the dozen or so LinkedIn requests I receive every day are […]

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Four Seasons: Denver, Colorado {Hotel Review}

On a recent work trip, I had the chance to stay at the Four Season in Denver. In life, I am perpetually perplexed that “Four Seasons” and a “Ritz Carlton” are not simply interchangeable words (and hotels), and this stay was no exception. I kept saying to myself, “The Singapore Ritz Carlton has nothing on Denver!”, and […]

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Book Reviews: All That You Can’t Leave Behind, The Peace “Corpse”

‘Tis book review time. And this time I’m featuring books I’m positive you’ve never heard of. Why? Because I read some off-beat books. See my ongoing list of the 100 books I’m reading in 2012, and check out their (sometimes) pretty covers on my Pinterest board, cryptically entitled: The 100 Books I’m Reading in 2012. As […]

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