Social Media Pet Peeve #2: Over-Sharing

Ah, the case of over-sharing. On social media, it (sometimes) appears that over-sharing seems to be certain people’s #1 favorite idiotic thing to do. In this social media pet peeve video #2, I share about why over-sharing is so: unnecessary, annoying, and not smart.   Want more social media pet peeves? #1 (Over-asking for retweets) […]

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How to Get Book Endorsements and Reviews: Part 2

Earlier this week I gave you the top five of my ten tips for getting and managing book endorsements on your next book. (Want the audio version? Check out my podcast on the same topic.) Here are the remaining five tips from the list. 6. If It’s a Glowing Review You’re After, Provide Some Suggestions. Here’s […]

My endorsement of Michael Hyatt's latest bestseller, Platform. Happy to see other authors I love endorsing it, including Donald Miller and Chris Brogan.

How to Get Book Endorsements and Reviews: Part 1

I read a lot of books every year (the goal this year is 150 books, and I’m on track so far), and many of these books are not actually purchased by yours truly (or Mr. Yours Truly, when he can’t think of another birthday or Christmas gift I’ll otherwise gush about). In fact, many of the […]

Me reading the manuscript for Jeff Goins' new book, Wrecked. I loved it, and endorsed it.

The Women Who Change Honduras: My Trip with ONE

Last month I had the pleasure to serve as one of three delegates on a trip to Honduras hosted by ONE — the grassroots advocacy campaign cofounded by Bono. It was ONE’s first trip to Latin America (and first outside Africa). Alongside the other delegates, actresses America Ferrera and Alexis Bledel, I had a wonderful […]

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Podcast #9: How to Get Great Book Endorsements

If you’re writing a book, this may be the podcast for you. In it, I’ll talk about the importance of finding good endorsers for your next book, and how you can maximize their support for marketing gold. I share ten key tips on how to best approach endorsers, how to guide them to a good […]

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FIve Great New Twitter Profile Pages

The launch of the new Twitter profile page has taken the angst over choosing a profile image to new heights — now prompting you to choose an awesome, snazzy background image as well. Thanks to your help on my plea for help choosing a background image for my Twitter profile, I’m all set. If you’re […]

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