Why I Live-Tweeted My Daughter’s Birth

A funny thing happened on the fourth of April. I woke up, pregnant, and had a good day. Some work, some play, some rest. In close to a month I’d be having a baby, and I was settling into that stretch of pregnancy where you are uncomfortably large and eager for it all to be behind you. At night, I went to bed. A few hours later, I woke up to find that my water had broken. Since I didn’t really know what that meant, I had to Google to see if … [Continue Reading...]

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Be More Productive By Hitting the Mark

My pal Erik Fisher of the Beyond the To-do List podcast (see my recent interview with him here), has a great new book out called Hit the Mark that's all about one of my most favorite topics: Productivity. {Yes, I'm the biggest productivity hack you'll ever meet. And no, that doesn't mean I'm that amazing at it. But it does mean I read endlessly about the topic;) Erik's new book has an interesting take on theme, and definitely worth a good … [Continue Reading...]

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Elite Blog Academy: An In-Depth Review of A New Blogging Course

I get tons of questions about blogging, so I'm always happy when I can check out blogging courses to see what I think of them and if I think readers would like and learn from them. Recently I told you about Ruth Soukup and her new course, Elite Blogging Academy. In this review, I'll lay out what I think more in-depth about the course. Who it's for, who it's maybe not for, and why I care. Hopefully, this will help some of you think about if … [Continue Reading...]

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How to Make 2015 Not Suck #goals

As part of my morning quiet time, I've been reading a book on goal-setting from Danielle Laporte. So far, I'm loving it. This morning, in the book, Danielle suggested that the entire month of December should be wiped off the map in terms of work. In other words, no one should work in December. I laughed. And then I agreed. There's a lot to do in December. The holidays. The family stuff. The shopping. All that food. And then there's the … [Continue Reading...]

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Win 1 of 3 Free Passes to the Twitter for Good Unconference

If you read this here blog, you know I'm hosting a Twitter for Good Unconference next week. (Here are 5 reasons you should sign up). For those of who are not interested in donating $100 to Hope Runs to sign up, I'm offering 3 free passes that you can enter to win!   Do You Want to … [Continue...]

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Are You Still Talking About Yourself? (Social Media Pet Peeve #10)

In the first ten of my social media pet peeve videos, I've managed to talk about why you shouldn't talk too much about yourself a full three times. So it must be an important one. Here's installment there of why you shouldn't talk about yourself on social media too much. Listen and learn. … [Continue...]

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Why Every Conference Should be An Unconference {Podcast #4}

In honor of the upcoming Twitter for Good Unconference, I have a new podcast up (it's more of an audio manifesto, really), where I explain why (almost) every conference should be an "unconference". I'll tell you what an unconference is, then talk about how unconferences can solve the … [Continue...]

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What is the Twitter for Good Unconference {A Tiny Podcast}

I recorded a tiny podcast for you here answering the question: What is the Twitter for Good Unconference, and why should you (maybe) sign up to watch it online January 16-20th? Go listen to it here. It's tiny!     … [Continue...]

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5 Reasons to Sign Up for the Twitter for Good Unconference

  I'm hosting an unconference all about how to best excel on Twitter. Based on the content of my book, Twitter for Good, the unconference will go in depth to tell you exactly how to best use Twitter to to build your movement. If you're not new to these parts, you've heard me tell you … [Continue...]

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Don’t Talk About Other People’s Profile Pictures (Social Media Pet Peeve #9)

This week's social media pet peeve is all about talking about other people's profile pictures. Don't do it. Why? It's simple. Anyone who puts up a profile picture onto a social media site puts up that specific profile picture because they think it is good, and they they think it is a good … [Continue...]

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Hope Runs: Why I Want You to Make a 2011 Donation

Lately, this Season of Giving has me feeling it's a season of asking. It seems like Thanks to the 12 Days of Giving challenge I got to kick off, Craig Newmark's How Will You Change the World in 2012 fun, and the upcoming Twitter for Good Unconference (which benefits Hope Runs) you've been hearing … [Continue...]

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Feliz Navidad From My Mariachi Singer to Yours (And, Santa is Latino)

We're all American. In the first month I first met my husband, a South American, I asked if I could tell people in Argentina I was from "America" (California, to be exact), or if it was offensive. I had been living in various countries in Latin America for a few years and clearly knew that any … [Continue...]

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How to Get Podcast Reviews

  I was futzing around with my new podcast today. Seeing how many people have downloaded it in its first month live, thinking about who I'm going to interview next, and moaning about the lack of podcast reviews on Itunes. To be clear, there are two reviews on Itunes. However, if you read … [Continue...]