Who to Follow on Twitter (According to Me)

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This is hardly a comprehensive list of the best people to follow on Twitter. But it is mine. So, after declaring Twitter bankruptcy for my birthday this week, I knew I wanted to make a big birthday Twitter bang when I followed back a bunch of my favorite Twitter users again. This “big birthday Twitter […]

Why I Declared (Twitter) Bankruptcy

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This is an article about declaring bankruptcy on Twitter. Not the other kind. Act accordingly. Five years ago, the maximum number of starred emails I allowed in my Gmail inbox was 100. Over time, that has creeped up. And up. Now, I regularly work hard to keep the number of unread or starred messages staring […]

The 100 Books I Read in 2011

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As I’ve said before, for the last four (five?) years I’ve set a goal to read 100 books a year. In 2011, I hit the goal (yay!) and have finally gotten around to updating the final list. I’ve also started my new 2012 list here. (And, and as amazing new addition — In 2012 I’ll […]

Last Chance to Sign Up for the Twitter for Good Unconference (and, three winners…)


What is the Twitter for Good Unconference? A chance for you to learn how to excel on Twitter (as I teach in my book), from the comfort of the non-conference venue that is your home/computer/ipad. Killer video and audio content, smart lessons, etc. Learn all about it here. Want in on the Twitter for Good Unconference? […]