How to Interact With Your Blog Readers

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In this post, you will learn about how interacting with blog readers builds relationships and loyal readers. You will also learn how interacting with blog readers sometimes does none of these things.   People talk a lot about interacting with blog readers, and the importance of doing so if you actually want a blog that […]

Why I Read My Spam

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I am a big advocate that you should scan through your spam folder in Gmail (or whatever email program you use) every month (if you use Gmail, it is probably automatically erasing your spam every 30 days). I recently did my spam scan, and found the following useful things incorrectly buried in my Spam folder: […]

Who to Follow on Twitter (According to Me)

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This is hardly a comprehensive list of the best people to follow on Twitter. But it is mine. So, after declaring Twitter bankruptcy for my birthday this week, I knew I wanted to make a big birthday Twitter bang when I followed back a bunch of my favorite Twitter users again. This “big birthday Twitter […]

Why I Declared (Twitter) Bankruptcy

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This is an article about declaring bankruptcy on Twitter. Not the other kind. Act accordingly. Five years ago, the maximum number of starred emails I allowed in my Gmail inbox was 100. Over time, that has creeped up. And up. Now, I regularly work hard to keep the number of unread or starred messages staring […]

The 100 Books I Read in 2011

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As I’ve said before, for the last four (five?) years I’ve set a goal to read 100 books a year. In 2011, I hit the goal (yay!) and have finally gotten around to updating the final list. I’ve also started my new 2012 list here. (And, and as amazing new addition — In 2012 I’ll […]

Last Chance to Sign Up for the Twitter for Good Unconference (and, three winners…)


What is the Twitter for Good Unconference? A chance for you to learn how to excel on Twitter (as I teach in my book), from the comfort of the non-conference venue that is your home/computer/ipad. Killer video and audio content, smart lessons, etc. Learn all about it here. Want in on the Twitter for Good Unconference? […]