How to Listen to Your Life

I have a thing about twins. I’ve always had a spot in my heart for them, and so, years ago, when I read author Emily P Freeman’s first book and got to the part where she is surprised to find herself pregnant with twins it pretty much sealed the deal for me. I already loved […]

Announcing: The Work By Design Summit!

And…it’s here! I’ve been hinting at a big project I’ve been working on over the past few months, and today is the day. We’re opening the doors so you can get your tickets to this crazy amazing FREE event, which starts in just 8 days. Get your FREE ticket today. Here’s what you need to […]

Stay Grounded in a Time of Crazy Busy

                                If you’re not new to these parts, you know that one thing I hate is being busy. In fact, in 2015 my word of the year was just that: #BanBusy. That said, life isn’t always as free as we […]

Work Less and Do More Than You Think

The past two weeks, it’s felt like I’ve been doing a whole lot of not doing much. I’ve been sick, my daughter has been sick, we’ve had family staying with us, and with winter approaching I’m already feeling the all-around energy lulls that seem to make any task take longer when there’s a wind chill. […]

Designing Woman {Guest Post}

Twenty-two years ago this month, Rwanda was embroiled in a 100-day genocide that resulted in an estimated 800,000 deaths. But once the mayhem subsided, women like Jacqueline Mukacyemayire were able to rise from the ashes. Here’s how: She can sew a dress overnight. I can’t thread a needle. She is self-employed. I work for a […]

Who Created Your Mess?

                      My daughter, nearly two, does a thing. There are many things she does, naturally, but there is this one that I want to talk about today. It relates to her genetics, of course, and her personality, and the fuel (read: lily-white pasta) that she […]

When Banning Busy Isn’t Relevant

I’ve had a super busy two weeks in Europe and the Middle East. The kind of busy that takes my breath away and certainly not the type of busy I regularly live out in my daily life. Interestingly, though, this busy hasn’t left me limp on the floor gasping for some calming essential oils. Instead, […]

Day 7: Money, Money, Money, Money!

{Have you checked out the free 7-day Start Your Blog Challenge? Sign up here.  More than a decade ago, people starting earning full-time livings blogging. Alas, that has not stopped the world from asking every blogger who has ever admitted to blogging if you can actually earn a living with a such a “job”. Job […]

Day 6: Engagement, Engagement, Engagement

  {Have you checked out the free 7-day Start Your Blog Challenge? Sign up here.  So content may be queen, but how do you increase the chances that folks will engage with your content? Here are few tips to ensure that your content is ready to be engaged with. Titles OH HEY. THIS IS A […]

Day 5: Share the Love, You Blogger You

{Have you checked out the free 7-day Start Your Blog Challenge? Sign up here.  It’s Day 5, and it’s all about sharing. In my journey as an early employee at Twitter and as the author of a book about how to use Twitter, I’ve given hundreds of presentations on how to use the platform. One […]