Want to Review My New Ebook — Lead by Morning?

The other day, I mentioned that I’m launching a new ebook in the New Year.

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The New Year is here.

And so is Lead by Morning: 365 Days of the Present Principle.

Lead by Morning is a 365-Day morning motivational reader, aimed to help you get started on an excellent day. It’s based on my ebook, The Present Principle: Seven Steps to Life in the Now.

In one page a day, the ebook walks you through seven critical steps for success that will help you win — and gives you some powerful motivational readings to push you along. It’s helped me, and it will help you.

If you want a free copy of Lead by Morning in exchange for reviewing the ebook, just fill in your email address in the box below.


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10 thoughts on “Want to Review My New Ebook — Lead by Morning?

  1. I’m keeping up efforts to turn myself a new leaf as a productive morning person. Would like to go through it, and also update you as to how it changed my life. Also I would like to provide you a plain language review, and if you permit I would also like to post the same in my blog (link above).


  2. Morning
    Just found out about your blog and books from a LinkIn article. I downloaded the free book “The Present Principle”.
    I browsed the book and found it to be a refreshing view on how to make your life happier and fulfilling.
    If “Lead by Morning” is a book to further evolve this view on life I would like to read and review it.

    Thank you,