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5 thoughts on “Interested in Going from Blog to Business?

  1. I am a 30+ guy who is working around his way to settle down which seems like settling or living in a fast lane. Basically i don’t even know if i am as inclined or enthusiastic about blogging as much as in the form i hear you talking about it. Although i am specific and like to pay for things as i have read that if you create a free blog on wordpress u have to deal with a lot of interference & also subsequent hiccups in times of migration as mentioned by you. But off lately i have realized that tolerance is good in life and has its own benefits as well and moreover a chartered flight is a chartered one which doesn’t allow anyone to interfere though it always does come at a cost. Also i am not too keen on any advice as far as settling down is concerned. But since i wouldn’t know if i will commit as much time blogging as i don’t know how will it really benefit me in the long run i more or less am of the opinion that a free one might just work as well with me as a paid one. You are welcome to give me any suggestions on the form of blogging.

  2. Dear Claire
    Thank you in advance for taking time to learn us about blogging.
    I wish you more success in every thing you do, and a wonderful day!