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9 thoughts on “Want a Free Guide to Email Success?

  1. pscquflt and Nirav D,
    Why would Claire spend time writing a report and not ask for your email in return for giving you access for it. We are all in business as I am sure Claire is. I haven’t read it just yet (but I’ve given my email address) but I’m sure she has some golden nuggets of information in there. She took the time to write the report, format it, build this webspage, pays to host the webpage. Yes, she is asking for an email address. Give a little, get a little. How often do you take the time to write a 38 page eBook filled with insight? My guess would be not that often. Give Clarie some credit, it’s not a big deal to ask to opt in to receive the free content. You can always opt out. You’re entitlement that you came here, looking for the knowledge of someone else but think you are too good to give your email address in return for what I am sure is hours or days of Clarie’s work is ungrateful. Claire is the author of multiple books and has a right to ask for your email in return for some free content. Save your comment trolling and negativity for somewhere else. Have a great day! 😉

  2. Dear Claire,

    I’ve subscribed via a GuerrillaMail, a Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address, because I don’t like the idea of you harvesting our private email addressess.

    I do not believe the way to gather subscribers for your blog is enforcing them to leave their email.

    Best regards,