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20 thoughts on “Thanks for Subscribing — But Wait!

  1. Sound advice. Looking forward – I plan to implement the email strategy. I have noticed that what you wrote has been true for me. I have been drawn to the “check email first” syndrome for far too long. Thanks, Sue

  2. Hello Claire,
    Very interesting details you share & I have subscribed to your newsletter.

    Need your assistance to a specific query – I am receiving several Linkedin requests on an alternative email id Inbox which when I want to access through Linkedin states that this “Hmm, we don’t recognize that email. Please try again.”

    Can you please guide me how this is possible & how to I stop these requests come to me on this alternative id.

    Thanks to revert & appreciate your time & attention.

  3. Bright, upbeat and joyful, as well as wickedly funny. Thank you for making a sometimes daunting journey into sharing one’s thoughts with the world a bit less discomforting.

  4. Thanks Claire for your dedication and passion for sharing with others. Really well-written motivational resources that I will be sharing with my clients, subscribers and other couches. Have an amazing day, regards from sunny Spain!:)

  5. To me every day is monday as i believe MAN LIVES ONLY TWICE and i have divided my activities including family needs except emergency accordingly and how funny is this that i start my day exactly the way it is suggested thanks for reminding and pl keep on reminding such thoughts may b our routine may differ on some other points thanks

  6. I felt guilty about not being a morning person for years until I read that morning people are left brain types who leap out of bed, enjoy organizing, mathematical steady work and fade away by 4 pm. Right brainer types are creative, artistic types who are disorganized, bored easily, wake up groggy, come to life at 4 pm, and are night owls. The latter is me and I no longer feel guilty about not being a morning person.

    • I’m very much a lefty (for fun while laid up after a car accident I did the family taxes and calculated the physics of the crash) and not a morning person. It just takes me a while to get the brain working. ^^

  7. Hey Claire,
    Anticipating the review of your book. I have always been a morning person. Looking forward to comparing notes. I have always told my hubby that I accomplish more by noon than he does all day.

  8. The age old adage says it all.. early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy , wealthy and wise. 🙂

  9. I always wanted to be a morning ….person and tried to do some extra kinda stuff…..which will motivate to start my day…….!