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15 thoughts on “The Present Principle

  1. Hi Clare, thanks for the link to you book.
    one small issue: the links to the youtube videos of Marcel the shell on page 28 are broken.

  2. Thanks to Claire to make available your good literature to down load freely within minutes,really I Thanks a lot.

  3. I know that each person should individualize their own life… but I am like a little kid when it comes to guidance so I like rules *& goals set by others to be an example for how I should live MY life..
    I was wondering if you could provide a timeline as such to just get me started bc I have written my wn but I stay skeptical if it will work which my perfectionist mentality often gets in the way of me following through if I am not sure it will go smoothly.. (I am not sure if this makes any sense but heres an example of what I’ve come up with but I would much appreciate if you correct me if the times are off or the allotted times are unreasonable so I can feel better about working this new plan.

    6am=wake up (hopefully went to bed by 10 or 11 to get 7-8 hrs of sleep in)
    8am= live the rest of my day