The Superpower of the Personal Touch

This is a guest post by Jeff Becker, a sales professional and entrepreneur. Currently, he works as an Account Executive @ LinkedIn and is also the Co-Founder of earhoox.

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Superpowers in the traditional sense might be neat, but until I am accidentally soaked in a chemical spill and suddenly know your tweets before they trend, (aka precognition, see also: Minority Report), it’s easier for me to focus on what I can control. And what’s one thing I can control? My professional habits. My professional superpowers.

And the most important superpower of all may just be The Personal Touch. As Zappos has made clear, customer service goes a long way.

So why not take time out of your day to invest in your perception? Your professional brand, that is.

Run your life as a business and treat your customers with respect.

Here are 3 Tricks to the Personal Touch:

1. Honest compliments. The more you recognize the good in people, the more they will see the good in you. Respect will go a long way.

2. Take the extra step. Don’t be afraid to ask “how can I help you?” You will be surprised at the opportunities those words will present you with.

3. Active listening makes for a great memory. Flexing & showcasing your listening muscles will help you build rapport and generate referrals you never imagined. In life & in business.

You’re in sales. Whether you realize it or not, it’s a reality of life that the roads you choose, or that are chosen for you, largely depend on your ability to effectively present and persuade. Adding the personal touch to your arsenal of *real* superpowers will polish your professional brand and help you build relationships that will define the road you travel.

What are some of your superpowers?

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5 thoughts on “The Superpower of the Personal Touch

  1. I totally agree, specially with the touch up mentioned by Ronnie. I would only add as the cherry on the personal touch, try to anticipate your client´s needs and how to make him/her look good internally and make his/her life easier, which comes when excelling at the active listening + extra step.

  2. With the effect of the shutdown trickling into peoples lives.. the next article should be: The Personal Touch of the Superpower..

  3. I think active listening is probably the most important of the 3, and I wouldn’t call them “tricks”. They are truths. It is only by active listening that you fully engage with the other person and develop understanding of their position and needs, so that you can indeed help them (rather than get them to help you). If the strategies are considered ‘tricks” the implication is that the person’s interest is only being responded to for what it can bring to you. That is fake honesty – and isn’t that an oxymoron?

  4. Here’s a helpful tactic I use that combines two of these tricks (honest compliments + taking extra step).

    Create a Google Alert for your client, customer, their company, etc. This can give you great and relative opportunities to reach out to or check in with contacts, clients or customers, etc in a very authentic and purposeful way. Doing this has led to several conversations and opportunities along with building a personal and influential relationships.

    Ex: Hi Sabrina, just saw ___(company name)___ got featured in ___(publication or blog)___ for ___(accomplishment or good news)___. That’s awesome and just wanted to say congrats!

    By the way, how is everything with XYZ going? |or| anything I can help you with?

  5. Yes, one will indeed go far by being generous in dispensing honest compliments to his fellow men. Going the extra mile helps in expressing one’s dedication, commitment and passion for one’s trade. Being kind to one another will help make our lives all the more joyful and meaningful! Super power to all! 😀