This Week in the World (Links)

This week, I flew on some planes. I ate a lot of chicken. I read a wonderful book, Give me the World, about Leila Hadley, a New York socialite-cum-travel writer who wrote a book about her year in the world with the six-year old son during the 1950s. One of the best travelogues I’ve read in a long, long time. Too bad her life ended in lots of controversy. The picture? A pretty volcano in Ecuador, where we were a few months back.

A quote I read this week: “The struggle itself toward the eternal present is enough to fill a man’s heart.”

Here are some other things I saw, read, and coveted:

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One thought on “This Week in the World (Links)

  1. Thanks to your post, I now understand that picture of an elderly gentleman that has been seen frequently on social media! I wonder if “suspending your coffee” has been heard of here in Tallahassee yet. Maybe not. 🙂 Maybe it’s just my perspective from “in the trenches” — I found the author’s “what not to do” list idea interesting and it’s true you need to protect your time, but there are some things that I can’t put on the “not to do” list in my position, even if they are a misuse of time………anyway………found some interesting fitness things on the list of 50 apps so thanks for that. Have a great week!!