This Week in the World (Links)

This week I continued another month of eating a modified Paleo diet. I saw Flight, with Denzel Washington, and remembered why I hate watching addicts in movies (although I did like the movie). I read a few more books, but was more proud to read an entire Vanity Fair, cover to cover.

The picture? Years back, a family photo from the place with the fainting goats (yes, really!) in Calistoga, California. Where there really are fainting goats. (image by Jose Diaz Ortiz)

Here are some other things I saw, read and coveted.

  • I asked How I Can Help You? It was a good question, apparently, because I received over 250 emails. I tried to respond to as many as I could. I’ll keep trying.
  • This nifty website told me how many hours of time I’ve spent on Twitter in my life. Answer? 36.1.
  • I liked this post over at Lifehacker about how to escape the cult of the busy.
  • I pushed myself to think of even more ways to say No, and came up with 99 for my LinkedIn blog. See 99 Ways to Say No, and tell me if you can think of more.
  • On Babble, I wrote about 6 Signs You’re a Workaholic.
Did I miss any good reads this week? Leave a comment below and I’ll go find ‘em!



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