Happy Saturday!

I couldn’t think of what to call this post, so I called it #thisweek. Feedback is welcome on creating a non-sucky title.

Here’s what I have to say:

This week, I won the world by traveling for 24 hours internationally by myself with a 23-pound 8-month-old (97% percentile, yo!). For 17 of those hours, we sat in a pressurized cabin. For the other 7 hours, we shuttled between gates. It was, in a world, unpleasant.

In other baby news, said daughter @lucia hit an incredible milestone this week when she sent her first tweet (like FROM HER OWN FAT THUMBS). She was playing with my iphone, and DID THIS on my Twitter account (not hers). #nojoke

My husband thought I was kidding, because the improbability of her hitting the right buttons to create, and then populate with text, and then attach a picture, and then SEND just seemed uncanny. But it happened, people.

It is here. And I will frame it.

Other things happened. There were lots of #Icantbreathe protests in my hometown of Berkeley, CA. I made these paleo brownies and for once did think this recipe had enough chocolate in it. I read this great article on 14 things to do to keep meetings productive. ​

In other news, I told you about some boatloads of free content. First, watch these free videos on setting goals for 2015 that will rock your world.  Then, watch these free videos on how to become a successful writer.

That is all.

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