How to Write Your Way to the Top

My friend Jeff has opened his Tribe Writers class again until Monday, March 31 at midnight.

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This wildly popular class opens only a few times a year. And, because I’m nine months pregnant and confused about things like timelines, I didn’t realize until last night that it had closed. This was because I couldn’t sleep (too big for that, these days) and was scrolling through a million emails I need to deal with. And there, in an email, I read that I’d missed the deadline.


Enter Jeff to the rescue this morning!

Me: Jeff, uh, I missed the deadline to tell my readers. Is there anything we can do?

Jeff: Yes, I’ll extend the deadline for them for three more days.

Talk about efficiency, people.

What this means for you:

This class, Tribe Writers, is one of the most comprehensive things out there for aspiring writers. It walks you through a step-by-step process for getting your writing out into the world. As I’ve said before, the interviews alone are worth the price of admission. And that’s not even mentioning your fellow tribe members, the few thousand who have taken it who participate like crazy in the forums. The whole thing rocks, I tell you.

So, thanks to Jeff, you’ve now got until Monday night to sign up.

Interested in Tribe Writers? Go check it out here. You can read what other people say about it. (Hint: They say really good things, like I do.)

Not sure? Here’s a free video chat Jeff did about writing that might be of interest.

And remember, the biggest part of being a writer is calling yourself one. Do you call yourself a writer? I hope so. 

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