Three Free Lessons on Goal-Setting

Interested in setting annual goals? Every December, Michael Hyatt opens up his popular course, Best Year Ever. I highly recommend it. Watch three FREE videos from him about goal-setting here.

A new year, a new you. (Potentially).

In the past week I’ve been writing a bunch about goal-setting and forming intentions for the year ahead, and wanted to pass along one more resource on goal-setting that I think will be of interest. My friend and bestselling author Michael Hyatt has put together a FREE three-part free video series on goal-setting aimed to get you jumpstarted to face the New Year with confidence and clarity.

You can see the first video here. 

The “goal” in these goal-setting encouragement videos is to get you past those nasty obstacles and on track to really achieving your goals in 2014. 

Michael is a legend, and if you’re not familiar with him I’ll give you the topline: business executive, corporate consultant, NYT bestseller a couple times over, speaker, mentor, runner and sometimes wheat-free eater.


He’s also really nice. Doesn’t he look nice? (And doesn’t his microphone look really nice? I want one.)

In all of these roles he’s seen people (including himself) try traditional goal-setting — and he’s seen it fail time and time again in the face of schedules, priorities, and well – life. (Incidentally, all these lessons are informing the new book he’s working on about taking goals and turning them into a life plan.)

In short, Michael knows how hard goal-setting is, and also knows well how key tweaks can get you on the road to success in reaching the annual goals you set for yourself.

In the three free videos, he talks about goal-setting in smart, human terms that will help you feel inspired, but also feel realistically confident about your chances of truly reaching your aims in 2014. They’re well worth the time (about ten minutes each video). You’ll come away inspired, and pumped, all without the espresso.

Watch the first one here. If you like it, you can get the other two.


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4 thoughts on “Three Free Lessons on Goal-Setting

  1. First I want to say “Thank you”! The video gave me a kind of shot of encouragement. Every year I make my goals, but after attending the video I recognize my goals for 2014 are wrong. I don´t think if “wrong” is the correct word, but I think I have to change my 2014´s goals. And my main goal for 2014 is discover my life´s passion. It could be a goal, right? I love my job, but I feel that something is missing.
    Well, I´m looking forward to the other videos.
    Again, thank you!

      • I was able to watch the first video, and liked it, however when I click on the link on the right to access the other two, it pops up underneath the box for the first video, and no matter what I try, I can’t get to it.