Learn About My Family from the Twitter for Good Book Trailer

As many of you saw, I posted the video trailer for Twitter for Good earlier this week.

Although I did give a few enlightening tidbits in that original post about the fact that I rarely wear makeup, did for the video shoot, and then promptly lost the lip gloss I was lent, there have been some recent behind-the-scenes updates the Twitter for Good video trailer that I’d now like to share. Specifically, these updates all give you true insight into the charming, web-savvy nature of my extended and not so extended family.

Update #1: Totally random people are viewing and commenting on the video trailer

Just minutes after the video first went live, I was amazed to already have comments! My popularity is peaking, I whistled with glee. Or those are very fast spambots.

In the above screenshot, you can see a great, enthusiastic comment “VERY VERY INTERESTING!!!”

The name and location of this person indicate they may or may not be my mother in law, and may or may not be writing in a language they do not entirely master, with capital letters that may or may not look spammy.

So cute!

Update #2: Totally random people who view and comment on the video trailer do not use their own YouTube accounts

If you thought that Update #1 was not Nancy Drew enough, here’s a true keeper.

The username for that YouTube account, JMDO30, may or may not be the initials of my husband.

The numerical “30” seems to indicate that, like the fine wine of a 1995 AIM username (COSBYFAN1979), my husband creates usernames based on the age at which he decided to start commenting on YouTube videos.

To be clear, people who create usernames with birthdates or ages have always irked me for some deep, inexplicable reason. This said, I will be bringing up this grievance with him shortly.

Update #3

Within hours of emailing the video trailer to no more than one (granted, influential) Argentine family member, my California mother calls and tells me she “saw the thing and loved it!”

Given that I have no idea what she is referring to, and had yet to send her any “thing”, I pressed her on what she meant.

“The video!” She helpfully supplied. “For your Tweet book!”

Ah yes, my “Tweet book”. That darned thing! Now I remember!

“And how did you see this already?” I asked, with the paranoia of a caffeine addict searching for his last granules of Nescafe on a deserted isle.

Apparently, video book trailers spam entire families within mere moments, no matter the country.


The comment above the one of my mother-in-law also has the trappings of a relative. This time, another Argentine with near-perfect English and the fame of being one of my few Argentine family members to tweet. I am confirming this shortly.

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4 thoughts on “Learn About My Family from the Twitter for Good Book Trailer

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  2. agree completely dear one…I got a notice from amazon that your book was available for sale. I’ll for sure buy it now!
    good on you precious. love H

  3. agree completely dear one…I got a notice from amazon that your book was available for sale. I’ll for sure buy it now!
    good on you precious. love H

  4. What a joy it was to happen by chance (I should have been working) on the video Twitter4Good…. I listened to the video and signed-up for the electronic version, as I am a member of the Knights of Columbus – non-profit. I am struggling to get these men out of the dark ages and into social media and they are kicking and screaming as I do this. I do have Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and will do more…but in our group and I also include the Ladies of Saint Clare I am finding only half open emails (I started to use constant contact). I’m hoping to learn from your book. Hey, Clare…we are members of your name…. Saint Clare of Assisi…a wonderful woman…I wonder if she would use twitter. … as you know the Pope does!