Want to Give “Twitter for Good” to Your Blog or Mailing List for *Free*?

I’ve got one fun surprise up my sleeve, I must say.

And this particular very special awesome cool deal thingy may be just up a few of your alleys.

Want to offer Twitter for Good *free* to your friends, readers, group?

Do you have a blog, mailing list, Facebook page, or small playpen of super-literate 2 year olds?

If so, I have something cool in my bag of tricks that will allow you to offer my new book Twitter for Good entirely *free* to many of your readers. There are a few (tiny) stipulations, but if you’re interested in offering a cool deal to your readers, fill in the contact form below and I’ll tell you how to make the magic. No, I’m not gonna blog about it because it’s a surprise, and that would ruin all my joy. Think of it like a surprise party, for your readers, and you have to email me to find out whether to show up.

Fill out the form below, and make sure to tell me what group/blog you want to offer this to.

Use a semi-relevant subject line so that I can deal with my email inbox nightmare with aplomb.


[contact-form 1 “Contact form 1”]

Thanks again to many of you who have signed up to review a copy of Twitter for Good and then blog about it on launch day, September 6.

I’m all worn out now. What with being on my delayed honeymoon and writing surprise-ridden blog posts, I think it’s time for another Siem Reap special (read: Coconut Shake).


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4 thoughts on “Want to Give “Twitter for Good” to Your Blog or Mailing List for *Free*?

  1. Thanks for this opportunity, I do not have a blog or anythn relevant but I just felt happy to see your offer.

    Have a Good Honeymoon!