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30 thoughts on “Welcome to Me!

  1. Hey! I’ve just subscribed to your newsletter-thingy.
    AND it seems I’ve just Tweeted, one of the most popular ladies on the internet – am I a lucky guy or what?
    Thanks Claire
    looking forward to being kept up-to-date in the real world!

  2. Claire,

    I tried to add a Facebook like of this page to my facebook, but for some reason your blog page cuts off part of the reply so I could not send the final like to FB. I would like to tell so many people about your blog and books!
    I think that you are wonderful. I am such a novice with tech items and social media. I have wanted to begin communicating with healthcare consumers but my fear of social media outlets has severely limited my ability to do so until I found your blog through LinkedIn. You have made my blog possible (currently in progress through Bluehost) for me with your step by step instructions on creating a blog and establishing a presence on social media. I am hoping to help many patients and healthcare consumers but that would not be possible without you. Thank you so much!

  3. Gald to sign up. I was able to pioneer the field of Intl Arts Admin. My company did much evolving over the years…but one thing I traveled everywhere. The worst to the best accomodations. What ever was affordable at the time. It was wonderful to be able to grow and build a life constantly onthe road traveling the globe. Now I even help other who want to become Ex Pats find the freedom to take off and go! Cheers and Thanks! Cody

  4. Way to go with the unconference idea….thank you for all the ways you continue to image using technology for social change! Thankyou Claire!

    • What a great concept…changing the world one tweet at a time. I want to understand this technology better..I have your book and like it alot. I hope to be part of the unconference

  5. Hi Claire!
    This is separate from the entries to win a free book…

    I just watched the trailer for your book at the top right of this page and was totally inspired to restart an idea I had let fizzle from 10 years ago. It is fun/inspirational/uplifting for everyone, and Twitter is the PERFECT platform for it!

    I’m going to read your book to figure out what in the world I’m doing =o) Then set it up using Twitter.

    THANK you! You’ve been very generous (according to trailer, not just with giving away books but with your life in general), and are very inspirational as well!