What I’m Reading {2015}

I’ve said before that for six years or so I’ve set a goal with my reading. For many years that goal was 100, and I’d usually exceed it by a dozen or so. In 2012, I decided to up the goal to 150, and in 2013 I upped it further to 200 (and exceeded it!).

In early 2014, though, I’ll be welcoming a tiny babe into the world. I hear that babies make one a wee bit busy, so I’ll be bumping my reading goal back down to 150;)

Past Reading Lists

Want to check out my past lists?


In 2015 (as in past years), I will rate some of the books I read. Not every book, but some. Here’s how the ratings go.


* {eh.}

** {useful information, but likely not something the general masses will fawn over.}

*** {good, but with the caveat that I read (and enjoy) weird books}

**** {darn good. worth buying a hard copy of to put on a nice shelf.}

***** {love! top-10 placement! life-changing! gold stars 4eva!}

The 2014 List

Books Read in 2014:

  1. The One Year Bible NLT from Tyndale (I read this daily in my PRESENT time. Read my free ebook, The Present Principle, on how I start my days.)
  2. My Utmost for His Highest
  3. One Hundred and Four Horses ***
  4. Without You There is No Us***
  5. Thin Places
  6. Spelling it Like it Is
  7. The French House ****
  8. Paris: A Love Story
  9. The Best Yes ****
  10. Eccentric Islands
  11. Zero to One
  12. The Wahls Protocol ***
  13. Passion on the Vine
  14. How to Eat a Small Country
  15. Change Your Brain, Change Your Life
  16. Song of the Forest
  17. Undaunted
  18. Twelve by Twelve ****
  19. Alone Together ***
  20. Women Food and Desire ***
  21. The Gifts of Imperfection ***
  22. Do Over ***
  23. A Year by the Sea ****
  24. Fierce Medicine ***
  25. Be More ****
  26. Profit from the Positive
  27. An Unfinished Marriage ****
  28. The Art of Work ***
  29. 168 Hours ***
  30. Shave 10 Hours off Your Workweek
  31. Silent
  32. A Walk on the Beach ***
  33. {health book}
  34. {health book}
  35. The Year of Living Danishly ***
  36. A Piece of Danish Happiness
  37. Dirty Chick ***
  38. The Power of No
  39. A Tale for the Time Being ***
  40. Wide Open World ***
  41. The Inheritance of Loss
  42. Pretty Good #1 ***
  43. Murder She Wrote
  44. Longing for Paris ***
  45. Undone ***
  46. Taming the To-do List
  47. The Lunatic Express ****
  48. Panning for Murder
  49. A Slaying in Savannah
  50. Leaving Before the Rains Come *****
  51. You’re Going to Be Okay ***
  52. New Slow City *****
  53. Madison Avenue Shoot
  54. A Weekend to Change Your Life ***

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