Why I Read 100 Books Each Year

Reading is the way I…

  • engage with new ideas
  • motivate myself
  • learn (nearly) everything
  • escape
  • relax

Setting goals is the way I…

  • keep on track
  • strive to be better
  • celebrate my accomplishments
  • try to grasp onto some modicum of control in the wide world

This will be my fourth year setting (and hopefully reaching!) the goal of reading 100 books per year.

Given the speed of every day life, I think some online accountability will help get me there, and I think the back page of my journal no longer makes the cut. For this reason, I’ve added a new page here to help document online the books I read this year.

I know we’re in February and you only see seven (not on track, you might say) on the list so far but I’ve got 4 open right now that I’m sure I’ll be able to check off soon!

At least that’s what I tell myself…;)

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