What is Twitter? (An Overview)

Every day, more than 140 million ____ are sent.

Every day 400,000 people *sign up* to start sending  _____ for the first time.

Today, there are more than 200 million people total sending _____.

Maybe you’ve even seen one. {gasp}

It’s true: Twitter is made of Tweets.

On Twitter’s 5th anniversary, here’s my top-FIVE list of what Twitter is.

  1. A Real-Time Information Network
  2. A Way to Connect with *Anyone* — A Tweet will reach any celebrity, athlete or president you’ve never met. Find their public Twitter account, and Tweet, no introductions needed.
  3. A Way to Send Information Around the World from Wherever You Are — (via mobile)
  4. A Way to Send a Message to Many Individuals At One Time
  5. A Platform that Proves that Everyone is an Activist

Want More Explanation?

Here’s a great overview of the service and its history that Good Morning America put together on Twitter’s 5-Year Anniversary:

Oh, and here’s my favorite part — the Twitter employee sign-off! It looks like @JennaDawn took off her glasses.

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