Win a Copy of My New Book!


Yesterday, I mentioned that I’ve got a new book out! Today, I’m giving away 5 copies.

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First, the background:

Greater Expectations: Succeed (and Stay Sane), in an On-Demand, All-Access, Always-On Age is a short tactical tome that shares information, statistics and stories about what a balanced life in a digital age really means, and gives you a roadmap for keeping digital overwhelm at bay. It’s part of a new series of books on leadership topics from Barna Group, and I’m excited to be a part. Check out the book here.

Here’s the book’s official trailer, which gives you more of a sense of exactly what it’s all about: 

(If the video’s not coming through, click through to watch the Greater Expectations trailer from Barna Group on Vimeo.)

So how do you enter to win Greater Expectations: Succeed (and Stay Sane) in an On-Demand, All-Access, Always-On Age?

To win, do one or more of the following things. Leave 1 comment on this post for every item you do.

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  • Post this blog post on Pinterest.

Remember, for each thing you do, leave 1 comment. (So, if you post on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, that would be three comments.)


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153 thoughts on “Win a Copy of My New Book!

  1. I have tweeted and LinkedIN a bunch oif time. i will keep doing and doing it….

    I want your book. I have read “Tweeting for Good” and love your style.

  2. This came at the end of a very long day…and I’m so grateful because I KNOW I will be given a path to walk through all this social media with your morning suggestions. Imprint them on my brain, please. I need them and said so on Twitter and FB.

    Thanks so much.

  3. Liked and pinned. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say on digital balance and mornings (I am not naturally a morning person). Thanks for sharing your insights.

  4. Done, done, and done! Excited to hopefully win a copy or purchase & get some good pointers. Perhaps required reading for HS and college students near future?

  5. 100%. I’m often helping people understand the value of a morning routine and helping them work out how to achieve a good morning routine. Looking forward to reading your book Claire.

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