My Word of the Year is #BanBusy



Every year, I do a few things. First, I review the year behind me (that would be 2014). Then I set annual goals for the year ahead (2015 is what we’re calling it, apparently). In that process, I choose a word of the year

This is my third year on the word-of-the-year bandwagon, and I love it so far. In brief, the goal is to choose a word that will direct how I think about my life and the decisions I make about how to spend my time.

One word that helps me when I’m not sure what to do or where to put my energies or how and what to prioritize. One word to help me live. In the past, I’ve had the word “Rest” (my 2013 word), and “Renew” (my 2014 word). Both were wildly helpful to getting me where I wanted to be in those years.

This year, I’ve got a new one.


Close readers may have noticed I actually debuted this word in this Mashable article in December. A few folks picked up on it. And one reader even sent me a #banbusy necklace!

Now, why #banbusy for 2015? Why this word?

First things first: it’s not a word. It’s actually a hashtag. And it’s actually two words. But I digress. The point’s the same. It is one short, powerful idea, and I’m hoping it’s going to revolutionize the way I think about the things I do this 2015.

As those who know me know, I’m a productivity hack, and the thing I hate most about life is being busy without accomplishing.

Running the hamster wheel with no goal in mind, and no metrics to measure your progress along the way. Not taking breaks even though you’re not being effective. Not breathing even though breathing would be the best thing to do to get you somewhere. Not being productive, and just being busy. 

All these things drive me nuts. And I do all these things. Daily.

#banbusy is my aim to help myself.

Later this week, I’ll share some of the practical tools I’m using to help me implement #banbusy in my life this year.

 In the meantime, do you have a word for 2015? Can you create one for what you want 2015 to be?

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21 thoughts on “My Word of the Year is #BanBusy

  1. Love your word of the year so much that I am making it my own! I so need that as my mantra right now, so thanks for sharing! Now I shall go forth and #banbusy!

  2. This is a brilliant idea.. My word for 2015 is ‘Accelerate’ my life, my career, my kids life, my spiritual so well and has given me that extra push..tks Claire

  3. I love choosing one word for the year. A few years ago, I choose the word beloved and God really used it to change my life. My word for this year is DWELL.

  4. I love this! We so often use busy-ness to avoid feeling anxiety- and there’s more fun things to be doing with our time!

    I’m rocking “expansive” myself. It’s time to broaden and make room for new possibilities.

  5. My word for the year is health! I was sick for 6 of 12 months last year and I don’t want a repeat. I hear you on the #banbusy!!! There are days where I’ m “Wow that was a crazy day but what did I do again????” Good luck!

  6. My word for the year is (Relax). Last year was a very hard work one, and I am feeling the impact on my health and nerves. I am not going to stop working in 2015 though, rather I will aim to work smarter and focus more on ME, take my time to relax, renew and recharge, I deserve that. After all if I am not good to myself I wont be good to serve or help anybody else. So best wishes to a lovely new year.

  7. My word (hashtag) of the year is #NoExcuses .
    Whenever I wanr to make an excuse for not doing something I want to remember #NoExcuses .

    Thanks for this idea.

  8. I have two words as well. True to parenting…I worry. Worry about everything and anything. It’s a stressful way to live. So this year, anything I can’t solve, will be taken to the Lord in prayer and left there. My words are pray and trust. I pick also word for my three young ones, peace!

  9. I jumped on the bandwagon, even tried to get my friends too as well, and the word I chose is “Freed.”
    Freed of student debt.
    Freed of obligations that aren’t worth my time, or that I’m not passionate for.
    Freed of expectations or ideals that make me disappointed in reality.
    Freed of living in the past, or worrying about the future.
    Freed of my addictions to technology, procrastinating, eating unhealthy food, bad habits.
    Freed of unfulfilling relationships.
    Freed for what: for things that really matter like my loved ones, reading, nourishing myself, being productive, meeting big goals, creating good habits etc.

    Claire I like this word of year idea! I look up to you. Do you like Leo Babauta from Zen habits at all by the way?

  10. So agree with you! Learn to be a Mary and not simply a Martha. The greater things are found in “returning and rest”.

  11. I’ve been doing Word of the Year for the past four or five years. Such a great idea!! This year it’s two words: Accomplish, and Adventure. There are several things I want to DO, and I want to say Yes to new things. 🙂

  12. Dear Claire,
    Thanks for announcing your word of the year. I love it – #banbusy. This is my 12th year of word of the year and I really struggled during the last 2 weeks of 2014 to anoint a notable group of letters for 2015. But then….RECEPTIVE came along. This is the year to receive ….relationally, professionally and spiritually. So excited.
    stay #banbusy (and don’t type wihout the “#” or you’ll be spellchecked to “batboy”)